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In real life/fandom life:
- I need to do some RPing once I get back to the UK (next few days) and get post-jetlag and back into the work week, but I'm feeling a little meh about it right now. Make me un-meh?

- I've have realised just how much my migraines may be stress-related--I've had to take painkillers maybe twice since going on vacation. Unfortunately, having an anxiety disorder does not make for not having a stressful life. damn.

- I'm trying to finish Flora Segunda before I leave town tomorrow (library book) but I'm having limited luck. I know if I just buckle down it'll be fine, but still. so unmotivated.

- Oh my god why can the UK not have libraries like the MCFLS?

- Seche Vite without a basecoat chips like a mofo. Does anyone have any advice? I was so chuffed to score some here because it costs close to ten quid in Britain (also got the two Hunger Games CG polishes on clearance at Ulta for $4.99 each whut).

In current events:
- The Tony Scott story has made me really sad today, and if reports of his condition are true, it hits a little too close to home. Not sure why it's made me so mopey, but still.

- I don't feel compelled to comment much on Akin because I am pretty sure we are all, regardless of political affiliation, in accord (and if we are not, then what are you doing here): what the fuck.

- I do feel compelled as a Wisconsinite to inform you that Paul Ryan is even more of a douchebag than you already think he is. No, seriously. (If you are a moderate Republican, I would ask you to reconsider your vote.) I've lived in MA under Romney and WI while Ryan's been in office, and neither of them have done anything stellar, but Ryan has been an embarrassment to the state.

And finally:
- okay I love this Kate Spencer icon I made ngl even if it doesn't match my mood. KATE SPENCER ON ARROW means I might even watch it. Cheers to [personal profile] carthaginians and [personal profile] bossymarmalade for the info. Also (and Mags is gonna kill me for saying this) Stephen Amell is a little bit eyecandy, though he doesn't look much like even New52 Ollie Queen to me.
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I would like to note, idly, that 'why don't they just make things available in every country, that would stop a lot of piracy' is, unfortunately, more difficult than it sounds. Mostly due to...DING...other parts of the entertainment industry and the government(s) involved!
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This internal bureaucracy nightmare is what's actually harming their revenue stream, and this is partially why I have very few problems wrt television and film piracy. (The other part is that honestly, your money is not going to most of the people who worked the hardest on the film or show. They've already been paid and they're not seeing anything more of it.)

They need to change the system before they can expect to see less piracy. Full stop. Open access (paid or not) is where things are going, and anyone who's not on that train will eventually be left behind, no matter how hard they kick and scream right now.

I made a note of that in nearly every paper I did as part of my MA, not that anyone important was listening.
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Dear UK media,

I'm not a thin-skinned person, but I really love how you feel that pushing September 11th pictures and programme promos at me with impunity is totally okay. And I don't mean the sentimental God Bless America sort of thing, either, I mean images and footage of terrible things.
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I love you, UK media. And I'm not asking for special treatment. But I really hate how you do the same thing to other places that you complain about the US and Europe doing to you.

xx Rhi

* Yes, I still have a Yahoo Mail account shut up I am cool.
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Feeling disheartened about UK media, really, with the announcement that there will not be a full DW series in 2012 (though the 14 episode Matt Smith commission apparently still stands) and my suspicions that the Private Eye gossip expose had some truth in it.

It's disheartening to think that the management at BBC Wales is shitty, frankly, because that spells danger for a lot of other good things (e.g. Merlin, though Merlin has the benefit of having indie production company Shine behind it as well). If this is how you treat one of your big deals that's doing remarkably well abroad...idek.

Dumbassery, however, abounds on the exec producer level...those people never seem to actually know what a show needs or actually understand what the commissioners or public want either.

That said, to the person who thinks DW has a bunch of money because of the massive merchandising..that's not how it works. The BBC is in a bind, due to the economy and the Tories, a serious, serious cash bind. That merch money is first of all, planned for, and secondly, doesn't necessarily go back into the show. It goes into the BBC pot and maybe saves a Gardeners' World presenter from losing hir job, or funds a BBC Four docudrama, or prints another issue of Top Gear magazine.

So. Quite disappointed. Rarely before has my Karen Gillan vs. the camera image seemed more fitting. Though the DT 'arse' icon was a close second.

ETA: I should note that this comes hot on the heels of news that the BBC will be selling the iconic Television Centre building in London once they move to their new digs in Salford. Personally, I could care less about this bit, as I am so very for the decentralising of UK media production, and feel this would be a great step, but I'm not emotionally invested in TVC like a native Briton. In context, also having to admit to the UK public this week that you can't manage to put together another full series of one of your top-of-the-line and publicity/emotionally vital shows does not bode well for the sitch at the Beeb.
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Dear self,
This is a reminder not to feel disappointed in yourself for not applying for a long-term media intern/trainee gig that only goes for expenses of £100 a week, no matter how much possibility of getting full-time work there may be. Yes, even if you were rejected without interview for a paid internship earlier today.

First of all, in the UK, this is against the law outside of course-credit work, and it is classist, problematic, and something many media freelancers are trying to stop happening. Minimum wage is £5.93/hr and is that for a reason.

Secondly, you should not feel guilty for wanting to be paid properly. You're worth at least that much, even in media.

Thirdly, they're wrong for even doing such a thing and even more wrong for doing it through a recruiter who should know better. A company that doesn't abide by the rules of fair treatment for the low-ranking is probably one where you wouldn't want to work in the long run.

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After posting a comment or two about it at [personal profile] facetofcathy's post the other day, I'm tempted to write a rebuttal to the [livejournal.com profile] _dahne_ bit about how talking about Leverage lighting Aldis Hodge badly is racist is ridiculous.*
Someone at Cathy's post figured out that this refers to [personal profile] thingswithwings' post here, though I don't entirely agree with Megan's logic, and [personal profile] darkrose and [personal profile] deepad make some good addendum and rebuttal points here.

All of us, I think, would agree that the topic is not ridiculous and does reflect on the white-centric nature of Hollywood. Because this is actually a fucking issue in media production, that people are TAUGHT about. Because I was taught about it in theory, for fuck's sake, as an undergraduate.

Anyone who's done study of film/tv in the US knows about standard lighting (e.g. three-point lighting, key-lighting, etc.). These methods of lighting date from the earliest days of Hollywood studio cinema. It shouldn't be rocket science for me to tell you that the basic methodology of lighting for US film and television is only designed to make white people look good...because they weren't LIGHTING people of colour then.

Particularly 'difficult'...in a relative sense of needing to throw out the existing book...is lighting people with darker skin tones, because the play of light and shadow necessary to highlight their features is different due to absorption of light. For people of colour with lighter skin tones (and darker ones), one also must at the very least consider a change of the colour used to light them. Lighting white people often is done with a blue gel...which doesn't flatter a lot of POC.

Fun fact from my undergraduate reading (so of course I now can't find anything that cites it, sigh): Julie Dash had to dress her Daughters of the Dust cast in light pink instead of white, because the lighting she used for her all-black cast made the white not look white...where it would have looked white under a 'standard' blue gel.

Now, the question is--is your white US cinematographer gonna know or care?

Some Western ensemble television shows where one main character is a POC and the rest are white will probably not change their lighting for scenes with the POC or even just the POC hirself due to time constraints and/or budget. Figuring out how to light hir in scenes with white characters would be complex. (I'm not saying that is right. I am just speculating as to why.)

Leverage does have really bad lighting overall, imho. But where Aldis Hodge also looks absolutely TERRIBLE in comparison to non-POCs is in the intentionally-dark lighting/tint of Supernatural; it makes the white mains look edgy, but completely washes out his features. As I said in Cathy's post, I'm surprised it met network colour standards at all. My guess is that it didn't and was fixed to do so. Another example of lighting for a white cast that doesn't do particularly well: this CJ (Allison Janney) and Charlie (Dule Hill) shot/reverse-shot from The West Wing. The caps here look unaltered to me save for size.

Anyway, my point being: this is an actual area of discussion in film and television production. Has been for DECADES. It is not ridiculous or facetious.

And in my mind, poorly lighting people with dark skin tones is cheap or lazy. But it doesn't surprise me.

Disclaimer: I am not a lighting designer, though a good friend of mine is. My knowledge of lighting is for the screen and is fairly limited. If I have fucked anything up here, please let me know.
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So apparently some dude at The Channel Formerly Known as SciFi came up with a list of the sixteen most intelligent SF films to date, and [personal profile] tanyad asked for opinions here.

I have many, and they are generally pissy ones. You may see them behind the cut.

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Right, remind me to never publicly criticise GRRM ever again.


ETA: A bit of an explanation. GRRM made a post about how he needed to take a cold shower after getting the twelve casting tapes for a (female) Game of Thrones character. [livejournal.com profile] knitmeapony tweeted her disgust. I RTed mine, then went back and deconstructed my feelings about it, on Twitter. And I was engaged by some GRRM fans, not about misogyny, but about how it was okaaaaay for him to be so involved in the production, for a couple of BS reasons. (I do not refer to [personal profile] raanve's tweets, which were ace.)

DW readers, if you're interested in more discussion and explanation, there's stuff going on in the LJ crosspost's comments!


Jun. 7th, 2010 01:07 pm
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So, the general response to 'do I cross-post stuff from here' over on LJ was rather positive, and therefore I will be doing that for the time being. Apologies to those of you who are reading it twice, that's just how it's gonna go.

Today's tasks (my mother is very fond of lists) were all phone calls, which I hate making with the fire of a thousand suns, but what I hate more is waiting for people to call me back. I want a goddamn nap, I do not want to be woken up by a very necessary phone call. So people had best call me back promptly so I can get this nap in...because once Mom's done with school, no more naps for Rhi.

(My mother is not very fond of naps. She thinks they fuck up your sleep schedule. It is only recently that she's come around to the idea that I might have a fatigue problem and therefore actually am tired regardless.)

So yeah, in the serious business journal, you get a not so serious ranty rhapsody about naptime. Sorry. Eventually there will be a rant about OCD and people/media/society Not Getting It, based off the mental illness panel at WisCon, but as you can tell, today is a bad day instead of a good one, and I can't guarantee anything besides the norm.

Also, Torchwood may be back, but on BBC1, and with US funding (Starz)? We does not like this, precious, both from a professional and a fannish standpoint.