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Just a quick note to say many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jacquelee and circlemate [personal profile] lotesse for my slashy lovely Festivids gifts this year.

Yours truly also did an Anne of Green Gables vid, Take the Sky (Forsake the Ground) for [personal profile] grammarwoman. Full post with download link and commentary will be available in a few days.

Also, I've now reread the first three Anne books and I'm really glad to have had the excuse!
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] tanyad at We Got Your Back Project is not dead...

We Got Your Back Project is still alive and still seeking submissions.

I had a chance to talk the project up at Gay Is the New Black? Event hosted by JF tonight. Hopefully this will generate some interest and new submissions.

Can I ask a favor? Can you all please signal boost this project for me & [livejournal.com profile] whereisjoy? We don't want to see it die but to thrive it needs stories, your stories so that our POC-LGBTQIA youth know that they are not alone and just because someone says its gets better, that it may not apply to them.

I'll also post this on WordPress so you can tweet it, Facebook it and pass it on.

Inquiries can be made at: wegotyourbackproject@gmail.com

Submission Info

Submission guidelines are below. If you come across something you think would be good for posting, please email us at wegotyourbackproject@gmail.com or tweet at us WGYBProject on Twitter.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the “We Got Your Back” Project! We are accepting videos and written statements that share how the lives of LGBTQIA people get better when we have each others back. Give some hope to LGBTQIA youth by telling them how your own life improved. To submit, send an email to wegotyourbackproject@gmail.com We request that posts meet the following guidelines:

Videos: Please keep videos to no more than 8 minutes maximum. If you have a video on YouTube or Vimeo, please submit a link to the video and a brief description.

Length: 2,500 word maximum. (Please note, longer posts may be broken up into several posts on the project)

Language: Feel free to use adult language, however please warn for swearing or other adult and/or potentially triggering language in your post at the beginning. If you do share potentially triggering material, we ask that you use the “more” tag to put it behind a cut.

Permission to repost/share your content: Please indicate to us whether or not you consent to the sharing of your material outside of this project when you submit your post and/or video.
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Title: Parallel Lines
Vidder: Rhi ([personal profile] rhivolution/[livejournal.com profile] rhipowered)
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Music: Lindsey Buckingham, "Love Runs Deeper"
Warnings: none
Length: 3:29
Summary: Sometimes love runs underneath the stories we know.
Notes: Made in Final Cut Essentials with the help of ffmpegx and VisualHub. Made for [personal profile] tellitslant and [personal profile] carawj's Femslash show at Vidukon 2011. Beta by [personal profile] leyenn. English subtitles will be available tomorrow, my head is a bit dozy at the moment. Watch this space!
disclaimers, download, streaming embed, and lyrics. )
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Interview went well despite my headache. I was impressed that the interviewer had obviously been trained, e.g. that he asked for teaching re: genderqueer stuff but said it was only if I felt okay with doing so. I did, so it was all good.

X-Men First Class...I'm not overfond of the trailer, it's okay, but how fucking fond am I of SCREEN SF/US HISTORY CROSSOVERS? THIS MUCH. Even if it is one of the bigger dumbass moments of the 20th century.* Seriously, for some reason, US screen SF hasn't interacted much lately with real historical events, at least that I can think of. Historicity makes me happy.

Of course, that leaves so much room for it all to go wrong, and it likely will, but I will just content myself with the thought of the X-Men stopping the Bay of Pigs fiasco with MUTANT POWERS.

Speaking of history and SF, I have a whole rant started on Firefly and the US Civil War, but as it is related to fuck-all happening in fandom, I'm not sure who'd care.

Would you care? If so, lemme know.

* Which is saying something. There were a hell of a lot of them, US-wise.
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Right, so I am supposed to be interviewed this afternoon by people on behalf of Glasgow City Council regarding LGBT* things and community support and whatever. I keep freaking out and thinking that I'm a shitty representative of the community because I'm heteromarried (never mind that I'm sure they're interviewing loads of other people). And I have to keep reminding myself that I am queer in sexuality and queer in gender and they should understand that there are people like me in their community, not just the standard 'gays and lesbians' that well-meaning straight people think of when they think of The Community. Not that it is bad to be one of those people, just that there are more of us in the queerness.

I get paid for my time, it's all okay.

Still do not have a job, despite sending out loads of applications. My latest panic is that people are going to think I'm a bum because I have what appear to be gaps in employment at a perfunctory glance of my CV. I had a wedding, a dissertation, and months of waiting on the Border Agency, okay? Please give me a chance to explain as much!

And I have overdue fines at the library, shit.

I think the anxiety is what caused my IBS attack. Worst I have ever had, zomg woe.

* Their acronym, not mine.
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Does anyone want to look over the draft of the vid I'm gifting to [personal profile] tellitslant? (Don't worry, it's not a secret.)

Star Trek: TNG, Beverly/Deanna mostly, no particular triggers. Lindsey Buckingham on music.
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I'm putting off going to the supermarket right now, so you get a wee post. Currently it's terribly warm for January (11.1 C/52 F) but pissing down rain and highly windy, and the supermarket is nearly a mile away over a hill. Procrastination.

- I am now Legal! With a card and everything, and hot damn, is my picture on it ugly. Therefore I've been looking for work; I've had a few leads so far, but if they don't pan out, I'll be going to a recruitment agency or two. I could go into my feelings about having a card with my digitized fingerprints encoded on it, but I think I will pass on that right now. Not in the mood to play Cory Doctorow at the moment.

- Almost done with the graphics for James. I swear I will write those drabbles that got requested, seeing as only two of you requested some.

- Not-New-Year's-Actually Resolution to RP MOAR this month has been fail so far. How does time pass without me realising it?

- I'm now hunting down a song to make a vid for the [personal profile] tellitslant and [livejournal.com profile] carawj femslash vidshow at Vidukon, because I am slightly sadistic to myself like that. (I was tempted to go with Merlin S1, but I don't have the DVD set, so this'll be a Beverly/Deanna vid, methinks.) Not saying you should make them some, but if you can recommend a good femslashy vid or two to show, please let them know.

- Did your spouse/partner buy you a wee Makka Pakka plushie this week? MINE DID. (Someday there will be a post about Makka Pakka and OCD, but this is not that day.)

- The rain has eased up, time to head out for a bit, methinks.