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Hi kids--I've put together an informal Wiscon schedule yay! Suggestions welcome.

With regards to contact: I only have my UK phone so texts are kinda expensive to do/receive, but I have inexpensive data available so WhatsApp, if you have it, is totally cool, or email/Twitter will also be checked regularly.

I will be in Madison from early tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, but I'm going to be doing some hanging out with high school/Smith friends for early afternoon and dinner. However, if you've got time in the mid-afternoon we could get a coffee or something--Matt and I have to come back into the center of town to check in to our hotel. [personal profile] regcommathe, I have something for you...not sure if that works? If not, maybe Saturday morning?

On Friday, I'm planning to be up and about around 10:30/11:00. (Matt has made plans for shopping and possibly heading to the cinema, for those worried about his entertainment.)

1:00 pm: Having a nosy at The Gathering and the dealer room because I need to buy Ancillary Justice and maybe try for other works (Half World? Redwood and Wildfire and most of the Aqueduct back catalogue?).

2:30 pm: choice of several items omg tell me where I should be--sorry [personal profile] wrdnrd, I haven't read Goto so not sure I'd be able to follow the conversation, woe.
- Feminist Utopias (a personal fav topic)
- Women of Doctor Who (because I can bring the RAGEFACE)
- Disability on TV (some of you are on this! unfortunately I haven't seen much telly of late)

4:00 pm: Another Radical Queer Politics Panel
Possibly Diversity in Comics if the latter looks too crowded or other people say things?


9:00 pm: Reconciliation Within SFF

BREAK AND HANGING OUTS MAYBE PARTIES - I'm thinking I'm supporting Helsinki 2017 as LonCon isn't gonna be doable this year, so I'd like to have a nosy at them.

12:00 am: Sekrit Fanfic Identities, if I can stay up that long--jet lag has got me on 'up by 9, dozy by 12 am' and I don't want Matt to worry.

I may be able to do a coffee Saturday morning before 11/12 or so, if we don't have a chance to catch up otherwise.
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It seems reality insists on proving to my OCD complexes that the Packers will win if I am not watching them. DAMN YOU REALITY.

Meanwhile, I'm experiencing further mental dissonance due to YAY PACKERS SUPER BOWL and making a cheery Beverly/Deanna vid to Lindsey Buckingham's "Love Runs Deeper" at the same time as massive RP bleed lends itself to woeful female singers (Lissie, Amy Macdonald).

I roughed out the first minute of the vid, though. Go me, though I'm terrified that I'm far too fast a vidder. It works better than I imagined, but it's fucking impossible to get scenes of Beverly and Deanna together NOT in Ten-Forward. Damn TNG and its fail.

Fandom needs more vidding to Fleetwood Mac and sundry members, by the way. I'm not sure what I'd have to do to get people to do so.
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Dear Wisconsin voting majority,

Fuck you. No seriously, fuck you. You are the reason why we can't have nice things. I hope you enjoy the shithole you've made, because I sure as hell won't enjoy watching my family and friends live in it.

Suck my metaphorical left one,
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Almost spoonless today, which sucks ass, as I have a load of things I need to do. Instead I'm reading Alaya Dawn Johnson's Racing the Dark at lightspeed. I'll get to your questions soon, and hopefully still have spoons to do the video interview signup post for the Overambitious Dissertation. Also must get to reading The Secret Feminist Cabal.

Partially, I'm affected by the weather. Those of you in Madison and Milwaukee know what I'm on about...possibly the worst rainfall ever to hit this part of the state. Fortunately my house and area is not badly affected, but more than one friend of mine has had some water-related problems.

This is particularly true of a friend who teaches in a basement classroom at Riverside University High School. They had 4-5 feet of water (see my Twitter feed for a picture). Yes, that's feet. Band room, shop labs, computer lab...all of those things are basically ruined. I can't even begin to express how bad I feel for her, especially as funding right now is utterly fucked.

It's like the whole mood of the city is muted, painful.

Naturally, We had a hard time getting to Wicked last night. We ran into three streets completely flooded out, but made it down and back. Lovely time, though the theater was leaking a little. Fantastic show. Also, I want someone to have written an academic essay on Wicked-the-musical as direct response to the post-9/11 Bush administration, because it screams that to me.

Yes, I was an American Studies major. Shut up.

[stares at list] Right, productivity of some kind. If I'm not around much today, RPers and fandom friends, I do apologise.