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Rather liked Day of the Doctor. Not without its issues; I have come to accept it's never not going to be problematic. But as a whole: very well-constructed, some rather clever takes on Davies-era and old skool Who style, Clara being useful instead of standing around being ~special~, limited angst around Billie Piper's return. A very subtle Scotland joke in there, blink and you'll miss it. And Jemma Redgrave!

And truth is, I probably liked it so well because I remembered why I do so love Ten. I miss being Ten.

spoilers. )
But overall, it was a damn sight better than I anticipated and a very good tribute. Worth a watch, says me.
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Augh, been ages since I posted here, like a dumbass. Things are fine. Work is busy like nothing else due to huge project looming, relationship is good, the weather is classic Scotland (read: lousy), I'm RPing a bit more and it's a lot of fun.

In the fandom sense...GRAVITY FALLS? Probably the cleverest, darkest 'kids show' I've seen in a while, and that includes DW. Like, early Community levels of clever, this.

I will say it's not without problematic aspects, mind, it being made in the US right now, but I, well, I never thought I would love a Disney show. Seriously. My only other complaint is that there's not a ton of good fic on AO3.

...by the way all of you who are into Night Vale might get a kick out of it. hint. hint. I am starting to listen to WtNV and am liking it so far, enough to keep listening, anyway. It sort of reminds me of my fondness for Prairie Home Companion in my youth, except more fucked up and less Lutheran.

How are you? What should I be paying attention to? Why did I start to tag this post with Tumblr RP tags?
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Firstly! Thanks to everyone who commented on my last posts about excite news. Anxiety's prevented me from thanking individually but yes. You are lovely.

Now, for Doctor Who! The Bells of St John's--not bad. Not the bestest thing I have ever seen on TV, but then again Brand New Companion stories aren't for me, in my experience.

In pros/cons:
+ I like Clara, she is quite good.
+ Low fail content!
+ A good chunk of creepy!
+ A not wack Amy shoutout!
+/- Interesting use of Data Stuff Overlay, though I felt a little odd about it because I see it as such a Sherlock thing and therefore not really an ostensibly-kids-show thing? If that makes sense.
+/- It's not spoilery to say that Moff's Problem With Twitter makes a brief and very deliberate 'did they just say what I thought they said' appearance. (Actually, I wonder if the whole damn theme of the episode isn't sort of an extension of that Problem, but I could write meta on it and I need to do other things this evening.)
- As usual (regardless of showrunner), plot pacing and tension is an issue. You'll know what I mean when you finish the episode.

Spoilers for the 50th anniversary, if you missed it earlier on Twitter. Contains RP angst. )
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A few wee points before I go make myself a snack:

- Tepper's The Visitor, in synopsis:

PEOPLE: [do stuff]
APOCALYPSE: [happens]
PEOPLE: [do stuff]
WEIRD SHIT: [happens]

could have been better. I've enjoyed some of her lesser books more, mostly because I found the setting/characters hard to relate to. a bit spoilery in the vague sense )

- [personal profile] alexandraerin has it right on the nose with what bugged me about DW Xmas this year--namely, she notes the unclear gender stuff, whether or not Moff is taking the piss. (spoilers)

- I've got both mine in TR New Year's top levels, should you be interested! Going to meet reqs despite failing most of the month with work stress.

Happy Gregorian New Year's Eve!
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Right, so that was okay. Matt thinks it was all really good and clever and I am just...okay? Not bad, not disappointed particularly, just okay. I think the problem I have with new Who in general is that it does too much buildup prior to the final episode, and then the final episode always sort of feels anti-climactic to me because it cannot up the ante.

So please do not come down on my head like a ton of bricks because I am not saying I hated it.

spoilers. )

Okay, the more I think about it, the happier I am with it. But not pee-pants thrilled, is all.
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Trying to x-post to LJ while I can, so I can update my friends, especially RP-based, who are there...

I've had nothing, not even patchy, over this DDoS, except for right now, where I can see LJ but can't leave any comments or switch my login for tags. Suffice it to say, I continue to be displeased.

I also continue to be posting here at Dreamwidth, just FYI.
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I need to be very careful, because I am suddenly and quickly approaching that mood where I want to say bugger alle this and throw in the towel on any- and every- thing fandom. Or anything else, too.

Irrationally angry and I don't know why.

TR: Ugh.

Apr. 22nd, 2011 05:31 pm
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Right, my apologies to people in the meme. I'd like to play more, but my brain is just utterly wiped and it doesn't look like it'll be happening before Saturday. Sorry about that.

[stares at the wall in hay-fever haze]
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It seems reality insists on proving to my OCD complexes that the Packers will win if I am not watching them. DAMN YOU REALITY.

Meanwhile, I'm experiencing further mental dissonance due to YAY PACKERS SUPER BOWL and making a cheery Beverly/Deanna vid to Lindsey Buckingham's "Love Runs Deeper" at the same time as massive RP bleed lends itself to woeful female singers (Lissie, Amy Macdonald).

I roughed out the first minute of the vid, though. Go me, though I'm terrified that I'm far too fast a vidder. It works better than I imagined, but it's fucking impossible to get scenes of Beverly and Deanna together NOT in Ten-Forward. Damn TNG and its fail.

Fandom needs more vidding to Fleetwood Mac and sundry members, by the way. I'm not sure what I'd have to do to get people to do so.
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I don't usually do these but she isn't on Twitter, which is where I usually send birthday wishes, and no one's made a post yet.

So happy birthday to [personal profile] thoracopagus: you are pretty awesome and I am glad you don't hate me.

Randomly, I really really wish this sinusy migraine would go away. And I finally found out why my local library had Kick-Ass on display in the Scottish Authors area...because Mark Millar who is sorta the Midas of fail, really is a Scot. Yes, I did not know this. Shut up.

In other news, it's Twelfth Night, which not only makes me think of my fav WShakes play but also of E.L. Konigsberg's twisted kids' book Up from Jericho Tel, which is my favourite of hers and also one that no one else ever read.

And you won't get why unless you've read it. Sigh.