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Just an FYI--I'm not reading much of LJ since they enforced the death of the friends page for me a few weeks back (despite saying they wouldn't, heyyyyy)--this new feed style is not good for my brain.

I have a cold. The world is fraying and everyone can see the seams. I keep nearly falling into the no, really, nobody cares what you think, you're useful primarily as an aggregator of other people's thoughts pit.

Then not wanting to say as much because it makes me sound needy and self-absorbed and there's far too much crap in the world for me to add to it.

Still grumpy. Still anxious. You've probably gathered all of that if you follow me on Twitter.

Still self-censoring.
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Shit hitting the fan here. Shit hitting the fan in the US. I just cannot, yo.

By the way, Wisconsin people, if there's a recall election in your community or that of someone you know, please consider getting out the vote tomorrow. Wisconsin teachers (and other public workers) thank you for it.

Speaking of Wisconsin...The Onion, which I have been reading gratis since 1997, is now going to a pay site system for non-US users. Supposedly we in the UK are especially used to pay access to sites; I'm not sure which they're thinking of, as nearly all of the UK news and parody sites are free, save the bloody Times. (No, this is not them pulling our leg.)
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FYI, there's a Dreamwidth comm set up for disaster relief in Japan:

[community profile] help_japan

It'd be ace if you'd signal boost and/or make an offer, if at all possible. All offers, not just fandom, are welcome. (thx [personal profile] mercredigirl)

(In light of my current fiscal situation I will likely be making a vidding offer.)