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Finally saw Avengers, nine months after everyone else.

Like, that wasn't bad? But it wasn't great either? idek. As with Inception, I'm sort of not understanding some of the shipping that dominates fandom, the film was a good twenty minutes too long, and someone needs to hit Joss Whedon with the 'not as clever as you think you are' stick.

But overall it was OKAY and now I can go see Iron Man 3 without feeling too left out.*

Except that I can't be arsed to see IM2. Oops.

* I am not actually dubious about Shane Black as we love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in this household and will not hear much said against it.
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- So Netflix UK has finally got A:TLA streaming. And I am so on that, ngl, with two episodes down and shitload to go. Just, you know, like, four or so years late?

- Marc Andreyko is an evil man to get my hopes up. Though to be fair, I don't know if I want to know what Nu52 might do to Kate Spencer.
I do want to know what Arrow's going to do to her, all innuendo intended cough[personal profile] bossymarmaladecough.

- I finished Flora Segunda finally, and was generally pleased, though I did find the ending a bit rushed. It's probably...a little odd on a race/ethnicity level, though. I can't quite peg what exactly's going on, I'd need to buy the book and reread it (I've had this one out from the library for two months on renew).

- Off to Skyfall at the IMAX Braehead shortly. [livejournal.com profile] ladyvivien may get me into revisionist Bond fandom yet. That and Sam Mendes.

- Thinking about blogging again in the real world sense and actually committing to it, seeing as I've now got less RPing going on. The problem is that I don't know what'd be best to write about, or what I could really sink my teeth into in a public rapid-fire sense. It's something I need to do though, with the turning 29 and the OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE realization rapidly sinking in.

Ideas welcomed.
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In real life/fandom life:
- I need to do some RPing once I get back to the UK (next few days) and get post-jetlag and back into the work week, but I'm feeling a little meh about it right now. Make me un-meh?

- I've have realised just how much my migraines may be stress-related--I've had to take painkillers maybe twice since going on vacation. Unfortunately, having an anxiety disorder does not make for not having a stressful life. damn.

- I'm trying to finish Flora Segunda before I leave town tomorrow (library book) but I'm having limited luck. I know if I just buckle down it'll be fine, but still. so unmotivated.

- Oh my god why can the UK not have libraries like the MCFLS?

- Seche Vite without a basecoat chips like a mofo. Does anyone have any advice? I was so chuffed to score some here because it costs close to ten quid in Britain (also got the two Hunger Games CG polishes on clearance at Ulta for $4.99 each whut).

In current events:
- The Tony Scott story has made me really sad today, and if reports of his condition are true, it hits a little too close to home. Not sure why it's made me so mopey, but still.

- I don't feel compelled to comment much on Akin because I am pretty sure we are all, regardless of political affiliation, in accord (and if we are not, then what are you doing here): what the fuck.

- I do feel compelled as a Wisconsinite to inform you that Paul Ryan is even more of a douchebag than you already think he is. No, seriously. (If you are a moderate Republican, I would ask you to reconsider your vote.) I've lived in MA under Romney and WI while Ryan's been in office, and neither of them have done anything stellar, but Ryan has been an embarrassment to the state.

And finally:
- okay I love this Kate Spencer icon I made ngl even if it doesn't match my mood. KATE SPENCER ON ARROW means I might even watch it. Cheers to [personal profile] carthaginians and [personal profile] bossymarmalade for the info. Also (and Mags is gonna kill me for saying this) Stephen Amell is a little bit eyecandy, though he doesn't look much like even New52 Ollie Queen to me.
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In a bit of an odd mood for various reasons, but the weather is nice, which is something. In-laws were good. Got a dress for The Bro's wedding, and shoes, neither of which compromise my sense of self...this is easier said than done in the current British fashion climate, where half of everything even vaguely feminine has got rhinestones or sequins or beads or is tmi? )

- I need to do some RP plotting at some point.

- G+, how do I quit you? You are cleverly made (Tumblr with less weens) but so problematic, and you're reminding me of the reason I never switched to Chrome years ago--e.g. Google policies are sketchy.

I typoed that as 'Google polices'. That too.

- Watched Leverage's The Van Gogh Job with Matt and I can't decide if it was terribly sweet or rather messed up in its simplistic examination of racial issues in 1940s Oregon. I don't really have much to say about it other than that. I also wasn't sure about the sorta spoiler. )

- I am reading Transmetropolitan and it is all right, a clever indictment of the wtfery that is the media. Funny how things are pretty well unchanged in fifteen years, in the sense of what needs criticism and what doesn't, but it's a pity Ellis didn't anticipate streaming video.
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Near the end of the Tarot/Tree of Life arc in Alan Moore's Promethea, and I really don't understand how anyone could read this without Wikipedia. I keep having to look stuff up. It's also so fucking didactic--if it were just the travel narrative, that'd be fine, but then you keep getting hit with the splainy stick of Neopaganism and it's just like SHUT UPPP.

I still like Promethea better than his other stuff. And we now have confirmation that Sophie Bangs is indeed Latina, so someone should add her to the chromatic heroes list and write fic because I say. Though you'd have to read through all the above wtfery. The art (Williams III) is gorgeous, if that helps.

I don't really have an appropriate comics icon yet (cannot decide on the right person: Martha Washington? Kate Godwin? Dr Faiza Hussain? all of the above?), so I will use Fat Pony.

Off topic: If you like vids (or Minority Report or Merlin), please check out my poll from yesterday. You don't have to be a WisCon person, my vids are for the public in the long run.
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Title: Good Soldiers (text)
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] mercredigirl/[personal profile] mercredigirl
Reader: Rhi ([personal profile] rhivolution)
Fandom: Batman Beyond
Characters/Pairing: Dana Tan/Maxine Gibson, Richard Grayson
Content notes: Fic written for raz0rgirl in Yuletide 2010.
Length: 11:18
Download link: MP3 (10.4 mb, right-click to download)

My first ever podfic, for the challenge at [community profile] chromatic_podfic!

I highly recommend this fic overall, if you've watched any Batman Beyond--do go read and kudos/comment on mercredigirl's AO3 page. I can only hope to do her prose a bit of justice.