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As in previous years, you can follow my reading on Goodreads, same username as my Twitter.
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As always, you can follow my reading and viewing on Goodreads and Miso, respectively, via the same username as my Twitter.

(Goal this year: READ MORE STUFF instead of sitting around on the interwebs. 2011 was pathetic, considering I was out of work for five months. Reading The Visitor reminded me I can get through stuff quickly if I'm engaged in it.)
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Optional poll, just for my personal reference.
(If you're on LJ, you can vote via OpenID at Dreamwidth if you want.)

Poll #6304 General information poll
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You should call me _____ if referring to me in a post.

My pronouns are:

I'd like you to talk more about:

fandom: fic
14 (73.7%)

non-binary gender stuff
17 (89.5%)

fandom: RP
4 (21.1%)

17 (89.5%)

OCD and disability
15 (78.9%)

fandom: vidding
8 (42.1%)

16 (84.2%)

8 (42.1%)

Glasgow/the UK
16 (84.2%)

media work
11 (57.9%)

other stuff, I'll leave a comment
5 (26.3%)

You should know this thing about me:

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Quite useful both for the new people here and the rest of you, too. via [livejournal.com profile] lauriestein.

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I write this primarily because it's beneficial for me to delineate my points of view to myself, and probably beneficial for everyone to see where I'm coming from on things. You may notice that I am very much in the middle on many, many things; all I can say is that identity is a spectrum, and I have sincere concern about the elimination of points of view that don't always have labels.

Yes, even though I just said that I like delineating things and labeling myself. I think you get the point about the middle.

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