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the identity politic: a sticky about me and the policies here.

I write this primarily because it's beneficial for me to delineate my points of view to myself, and probably beneficial for everyone to see where I'm coming from on things. You may notice that I am very much in the middle on many, many things; all I can say is that identity is a spectrum, and I have sincere concern about the elimination of points of view that don't always have labels.

Yes, even though I just said that I like delineating things and labeling myself. I think you get the point about the middle.

Last revised: 23 January 2011

I identify as:

white; I try to be an ally, and am therefore one of those people of the cult, from some people's POV. It's a learning process and I'm trying to unpack as best I can. Unpacking posts, not just of a race-based nature, will generally be put under cuts.

queer; I am a bisexual person (yes, 'bisexual' is a complicated term, but I'm going with that at the moment as a label) in a heterosexual relationship. Hetero privilege is fucked, yes, but there's a whole essay or essay series on how we bi people get fucked over in a very different way.
I'd like to note that while I am not getting married solely for the benefits, the fact that my partner and I cannot live permanently in the same country otherwise is a substantial factor. My feelings about marriage are pretty well summed up by [personal profile] zvi in this post. In this case, I personally believe the system is fucked, but I am not above using it in the interest of fighting it from within. Cognitive dissonance, perhaps.

neither cis nor trans*, per se; 'cause as a genderqueer person, parts of the trans community don't want me and I'm not anywhere near the comfort level of cis-ness. This is complicated and perhaps best explained here. I haven't yet found a pronoun that I find comfortable using, so in the meantime, use whatever you think is most appropriate for me. Just do not assume this of ANYONE else commenting or linked to this journal, please.
Also, I try to be an ally to trans* people as best I can.

invisibly disabled; I have obsessive compulsive disorder, which partially manifests in anxiety. While I am relatively physically able-bodied, I am neurologically a bit borked. I have problems with tiredness and short-term memory loss, somewhat due to medication side effects, as well as mild depression and ADD on the side. (Meat and two veg. /sarcasm) You can find out more about my POV on OCD here.

oddly classed; I am what would be classified in the US as lower-middle-class, but that status is informed by a very long heritage of dairy farmers and working-class Midwesterners, including my father.

culturally awkward; I am a US American who has spent a significant amount of time in the UK and is in the process of immigration there. While my experience of immigration is highly privileged, there are still issues of bureaucracy, culture shock, misunderstandings, and frustration.

a fan; I participate both in media and SF lit fandom on certain levels, including the occasional transformative work! I also RP in a couple of LJ-based games.

If you've found me subscribing to you, congratulations or condolences! That means I think your public posts are interesting. I do not expect a subscription in response or granting of access. If you, for some reason, don't want me following your public posts, please let me know either in a comment, a DM, or by dropping me a message at rhiannonrevolts at Google's email server.

If you're subscribing to me, congratulations or condolences as well! I often subscribe back because I like new friends. If we've met, or I've seen you around in other people's journals and have got the sense that you're good people, I will usually grant access as well. I do not expect the same in return.

There's a quote from the Christian Bible that, in essence, says that one should spit out those who are 'lukewarm', neither cold nor hot. You may have figured out by now that, without any other judgment on Christianity, I think Paul was a bit full of shit there.

I think it's important to be definitive, and a LOT of the time I'm furious and angry. But then again, sometimes I also think it's important to attempt a view of all sides of an issue, or one learns fuck all from it. You may see me, occasionally, trying to be diplomatic and not taking a full damn-the-torpedoes stand on something. I reserve that right in my own damn journal.

This may come from waaaay too much time watching Star Trek: TNG as a kid. (Picard is my captain.)

As for policies, I am highly intolerant of fools. This includes myself, which makes for fun braintimes.

Language of phobia, hate and privilege is not tolerated. That is, any isms you may be thinking of. I do recognise that sometimes people slip, but it will be pointed out to you.

By commenting here, you are subject to my response, which sometimes you may not like. At the same time, don't let that stop you from commenting.

Any unlocked posts may be quoted with citation and/or linked, no worries; it's nice to know but certainly not required, if you're not in my circle.

I tend to use ze and hir as non-gender-specific pronouns for people whose pronouns I do not know and cannot find anywhere accessible to me. I know these aren't perfect, but at the moment that's where I go for default. If you would prefer to be referred to differently, please let me know. I also refer to ze when speaking of a non-specific single person, rather than 'one' or 'they'.

And most importantly, if I fuck up and you have the spoons or energy to point it out, please do so. I want to listen and learn from my mistakes. Thank you.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave me a note.
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Hello! Just commenting to say I'd like to friend you, if that's cool. I was clicking around [personal profile] reflectedeve's comments and checked out your journal, and I see you are a fellow former Smith person! Aaaand we have fandoms in common, etc. etc.