Jan. 28th, 2014

rhivolution: Uhura from Star Trek TOS, leaning over and laughing (oh hell yes: Uhura (TOS))
Dragging myself out of anxiety-fueled inertia to tell you, dear readers, that you should go have a look at the two (!) vids I got for Festivids as they are both utterly amazing. (I really have got to get myself in gear to make a treat for someone, some year, to pay it forward.)

Bones (Silence of the Lambs): an absolutely stunning examination of the parallel journeys of Clarice, Catherine Martin, and Lecter through the film. Film geek me says the editing and song choice works wonderfully with Demme and Fujimoto's original photography, giving it a modern sensibility--but it's damn good at playing with your emotions too.
(Please heed all trigger warnings as there are both physical and psychological ones. The latter are in line with canon, though not gratuitous, and the problematic parts of canon are relatively minimally shown.)

You Have a Choice (Minority Report): the Agatha and Anderton vid I've been wanting for about a decade, I swear to god. This takes out Spielberg's heavy-handed sentimentality (I love the man, but no) and swaps John Williams' noir style score for an epic narrative's to do so. It ends up being about Agatha and about both her and Anderton's changing understanding of justice and fate really are. I'm just gonna be squeeful that someone gets it besides me because I never GET that with this canon.

With regards to my own vid, I was going to offer a vidlet for guessing, but realised I gave away what I was doing a few months ago by asking for help. But if you DON'T know, DIDN'T look, and still want to guess, feel free--none of you have found it yet wrt commenting, so there's still time to get in on the ground floor. And dear person who helped me with source material, you also deserve a reward if you so choose. You know who you are.

(in other news that has made me roll up into a ball and rock back and forth: Fleetwood Mac new album and tour with Christine MASSIVE SQUEE involved)