Jan. 20th, 2013

rhivolution: Matthew Macfadyen is pensive, text: jeux sans frontieres (games without frontiers: Tom Quinn)
Oh self, if you do not do the Tom/Zoe/Danny prompt that's in Porn Battle THIS year, I am going to be really angry with you. It means someone besides you and [personal profile] regcommathe and [personal profile] thatyourefuse ship them at least a little, and this is something we want to encourage.

All reading this are encouraged to kick me in the ass until I write at least 500 words.

I'd write the Kate Spencer/Cameron Chase one but as Justice Lounge people know, my headcanon is that they've had more than a fling. ijs.

(btw, Festivids post coming soon--I got a lovely shippy Children of Dune vid which means I must watch that miniseries again. This will be done once I get out of the seriously bleh frame of mind that I'm in right now, gdi.)