Jan. 28th, 2012

rhivolution: Abed from Community with his camcorder (pop culture/film = OTP: Abed Nadir)
I must confess to not having a ton of experience with a goodly proportion of the fandoms on offer this year, thus the shortness of the list at the moment. sheepish rhi is sheepish.

Anyway, these are recs that will appeal to everyone, not just you vid aficionados. I promise.

Doctor Who (old skool)

Another Girl, Another Planet (Ace)
This is all about Ace, and it's therefore necessarily full of attitude and charm and blowing shit up and beating Daleks with a baseball bat. You may think you know this story, but the vidder makes it work well, particularly with the music, which is delightful. My only complaint is that there isn't moar footage from Ghost Light.

Awake My Soul (Sarah Jane)
I saw [personal profile] azarsuerte mention this more than once as she was the recip, and finally went to watch. Yes, it is deliberately manipulating you into wonder and amazement and weepiness. No, I do not care. It starts slow, but hits its stride about a minute and a half in and doesn't let up.

Maru the cat (YouTube)

Outside the Box (Maru/boxes)
This manages to tick the boxes of being absolutely ridiculous and hilarious while being moving almost to tears. This vidder knows hir stuff, and points have to go to Maru's human for the source material being so good.

Moulin Rouge

Ooh La La! (Christian/Satine)
Having been subjected to Goldfrapp's 'Ooh La La' about twenty million times lately in car adverts, I came into this a sceptic. I walked out stunned. It's rhythmically brilliant and heartbreakingly wonderful, and now I remember why I paid to see the film five times even though I was a high school student.

Master and Commander

Ship of Fools (Maturin [Aubrey/Maturin])
I really appreciate the gorgeous film work of Peter Weir and his team, and I also really appreciate vidders who use classic rock artists to great effect. This is a gorgeous tribute to Stephen Maturin. Old school TR people, I advise you to watch only when you're in an okay frame of mind, as it is possibly a bit painful.