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Hello Festividder!

Apologies for not getting this done sooner. Sometimes my brain is special, go me.

Thanks so much for making me a vid. I'm pretty much open to a lot for these canons, particularly what I've specified in the signup. But as a rule, I'm fond of: character studies, deconstruction of canon (especially through queer/race/gender/disability lenses), worldbuilding, and STUFF WHAT GIVES ME LOTS OF FEELS.

Music-wise, I'm a classic rock geek (check my last.fm in my profile if you're really invested in picking me something musically I know) but can go with basically anything as long as it's emotionally evocative and well-suited to the source and theme.

A couple further notes on individual fandoms... )

Thanks so much again!

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Dear self,

Next time you think you've converted all your AVI files to Final Cut ready DV, actually make sure you have instead of just making MORE AVI FILES.

[sighs as this fanvid has already been delayed, is coming together quickly, but needs to be faster]

This will be gorgeous, if it ever gets done.

rhivolution: Abed from Community with his camcorder (pop culture/film = OTP: Abed Nadir)
I haven't got to everything, but here are my top recs for this year's Festivids. These are NOT all the vids I've watched and liked, or all the canons I know, mind...I just can't do anymore reccing right now thanks to spoons. I encourage you, even if you're not into vids, to go check out the master list, as there are gems there. GEMS, I TELL YOU, including my Lone Gunmen giftvid (rec here).

These recs mostly fit into three four-letter categories: LULS, AWWW, and ZOMG. Please check the warnings for each vid before viewing. Links go to the Dreamwidth post, but there's an LJ link on each if you want to leave comments/view there. (And do leave comments if you like what you see; each one I've received makes me smile.)


Back to the Future trilogy - Tik Tok
Ke$ha - Tik Tok
I've seen BTTF done with Tik Tok before, but this does it better, and with all three films. Look, just trust me on this. It's not only funny, but oddly touching.

The Big Lebowski - State of Confusion
The Kinks - State of Confusion
The Kinks make a perfect background for a look at the Dude, abiding. I mean, there ain't much more to say about it.

Community - Space Oddity
David Bowie - Space Oddity
I am not a fan of this song, despite liking Bowie. I am a fan of Troy/Abed, though. And this works very well and I like the song in the context of the vid!

Heathers - Still Alive
Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive
I'm particularly fond of vids that establish a metanarrative with regards to the original source text. This is one of those. Watch it.

Hot Fuzz - Blue
The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
It's just Hot Fuzz distilled down into gore and a rather manic beat.

Life After People - End of the World
Great Big Sea - It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
This would not seem likely to be on my luls list, seeing as it's from a documentary on how humanity's structures would get on without humanity. But it is. Because it is deliciously, darkly humorous.

Star Trek: TNG - Want You Bad
The Offspring - Want You Bad
You know how Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie hammed up the sexual tension between Picard and Q? No? Well, watch and learn. Hilarious.


The Chronicles of Narnia - The Greatest Day
Take That - The Greatest Day
Both the previous vid and this one use tracks that PBS has used in promos; they do for a reason, though, and that's emotional effect. This takes the Narnia films and doesn't shy away from the painful bits.

Doctor Who (1996 TV Movie) - One Day Like This
Elbow - One Day Like This
Despite being incompetent as a fan and never seeing all of this canon, I still appreciate this vid. I think it informs the Eighth Doctor with what we know of Nine, Ten, and Eleven, and that's not a bad thing.

Punky Brewster - Father & Daughter
Paul Simon - Father & Daughter
I initially watched this because I love the song, but then I remembered how sweet Punky Brewster was when I was wee. Dim memories, tearjerker canon...bless.


Blade Runner - November Rain
Guns & Roses - November Rain
This sounds completely bizarre, but it is utterly perfect. I am pretty sure whomever made this has studied Blade Runner at some point (I did twice as an undergrad, don't ask), because ze deals with some issues that come up in film and lit crit of it. Or maybe I just read it that way.

Eddie Izzard's standup - Do You Want To
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
This vid is less in the moving category and far more in the technically amazing category. Seriously, whomever did this has the patience of a saint. You'll see why when you watch it.

Rubicon - I Follow You
Depeche Mode - The Bottom Line
If you watched Rubicon...watch this. It captures the mood of it very well, with just a hint of what might have been.

Terminator 1&2 - L.E.S. Artistes
Santigold - L.E.S. Artistes
This vid is about Sarah Connor. The Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor. Not to offend any of the TSCC fans, but...this is the Sarah Connor I know and love, and this vid is beautiful and you should watch.