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Irritated because reading Yuletide recs (there've been a couple of standouts) and stuff from former fandoms of mine (POTC OT3) make me wish I'd written something awesome. Except I've had good reasons not to.


In happier news:
- Holidays were okay save for train journey back and the fact that I was incubating a cold.
- The cold has now turned into sinusitis, which leads to headaches I can't budge without ibuprofen (oddly), but I'm not supposed to take ibuprofen due to bad reactions with SSRIs.
- My visa app is now sitting with the HO and has been for two weeks or so. They've taken my money and I've got a letter confirming they're reviewing the app, so the latter means I can keep my job, thank god.
- The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures this year are quite good again, for those with iPlayer access.
- augh crap must get festivid done
- Among other nifty Crimbo swag--Matt got me the last Manhunter book. Huzzah for complete collections!

On the second point as a PSA (I know many of you take SSRIs or know someone who does)--I've been on Prozac for over half my life and had never been previously told that apparently you increase your risk of GI bleed and stomach ulcers by a very large amount if you are on an SSRI while taking an NSAID (e.g. ibuprofen, naproxen).

There's a bunch of literature to support this from over the last decade or so, not just one study, so please keep this in mind going forward; personally, I would run the risk for one-offs, but I think it'd probably be a bad plan to regularly take NSAIDs otherwise.
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- So Netflix UK has finally got A:TLA streaming. And I am so on that, ngl, with two episodes down and shitload to go. Just, you know, like, four or so years late?

- Marc Andreyko is an evil man to get my hopes up. Though to be fair, I don't know if I want to know what Nu52 might do to Kate Spencer.
I do want to know what Arrow's going to do to her, all innuendo intended cough[personal profile] bossymarmaladecough.

- I finished Flora Segunda finally, and was generally pleased, though I did find the ending a bit rushed. It's probably...a little odd on a race/ethnicity level, though. I can't quite peg what exactly's going on, I'd need to buy the book and reread it (I've had this one out from the library for two months on renew).

- Off to Skyfall at the IMAX Braehead shortly. [livejournal.com profile] ladyvivien may get me into revisionist Bond fandom yet. That and Sam Mendes.

- Thinking about blogging again in the real world sense and actually committing to it, seeing as I've now got less RPing going on. The problem is that I don't know what'd be best to write about, or what I could really sink my teeth into in a public rapid-fire sense. It's something I need to do though, with the turning 29 and the OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE realization rapidly sinking in.

Ideas welcomed.
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Mah Festivid, let me show you it. Meta is forthcoming on this one. A lot of meta. This vid did not come easy.

Title: Worlds Apart
Vidder: Rhi ([personal profile] rhivolution/[livejournal.com profile] rhipowered)
Fandom: Stargate (1994 film)
Music: Bruce Springsteen (with vocal guests Asif Ali Khan and Group), "Worlds Apart"
Warnings: science-fiction violence/warfare
Length: 4:16
Summary: The Stargate: building bridges or burning them?
Notes: Made in Final Cut Essentials with the help of VisualHub, for [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams in Festivids 2011. Beta by [personal profile] sqbr. English subtitles will be available later, watch this space!
disclaimers, download, streaming embed, and lyrics. )
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I got two vids this year, I am SO excite, you have no idea. And both are early Spooks/MI:5 and both are utterly bloody amazing.

Running Up That Hill is using the Placebo cover of that song, which is an automatic sucker punch to the gut, and it's about Tom and Zoe and Danny, which is like a second sucker punch immediately following that, knocking the wind out of you. Except the emotional resonance isn't cheap at all, the vid is amazingly constructed, and the topics are still relevant, nearly a decade on, particularly in light of modern issues in Britain.

Also, pretty. And heart-breaking. And with the best guest stars from the period (Tony Head! Siddig El Fadil!) As I said in my comment, this is the TomZoeDanny vid I wanted in my head, subconsciously.

Adagio for Strings takes Harry and Ruth from S1-S5 and plays with the facets of their interactions to a beautifully fitting wordless Tiësto track. While touching on the Harry/Ruth or Harry&Ruth relationship, I found the bigger point of this vid to be more RUTH IS FUCKING BADASS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN BADASS, which is just as cool as shipping and far less common of late considering where canon went.

The construction of this one is simply phenomenal. I wish I could make something half as good.

(Please note: The vidders did not provide warnings, but I advise wrt both vids that the nature of canon includes institutional violence, gun violence, and suicide.)

So yes, if you know Spooks at all, or even just know Modern British Drama at all, or in the case of Running, have any interest in what I think could possibly be a subtle critique of British institutional power structures or maybe I just think too much...go, watch, leave feedback.

And go watch other vids!
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Fanart never quite gets enough kudos, but I am so damn pleased with This ship is my family. If you haven't read [personal profile] jhameia's original story, I highly recommend it too--she does really great things with steampunk.

By the way, I'm enjoying reading and browsing through the stuff in the rest of the Kaleidoscope collection with which I have at least passing knowledge or contextual understanding, and heartily suggest you go have a nosey. A wander. A peek.
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I'd have more complex thoughts on the OTW situation, but cannot really be arsed as I have a headache and had an IBS attack last night (just as I was finishing my Kaleidoscope submission, ffs). But I have to agree with [profile] dj_kittycat in that it is pretty symptomatic of many an org and cause I have known in the past, though that doesn't make it right.

So I guess my main public statement to tptb of OTW and every other fan group (DW included)...and, frankly, to Smith College over their bullshit this week...is: Stop fucking with us.

Seriously. For various reasons (including some very strong neuroses), I do not give my money away lightly, even the small amount of it that has gone to you. Critically, in something that prevents most of the heartache I have over this, do not pretend to be progressive when you won't take progressive thought into serious consideration.

I can cope with you not being progressive, it's something I've learned how to fight. But don't fucking dare to tell me about your inclusivity and openness and oh god diversity if you're not prepared to take serious--and frankly, difficult--discussions on board.

in other words, don't blame me, I'm voting for Sanders.
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In light of the Scott Card Hamlet fail, and along with the #buyabiggaynovelforscottcard Twitter booklist (see compiled list here by [personal profile] megwrites)...

The Big Gay Hamlet Ficathon
(h/t [personal profile] rydra_wong)

Prompts and fills and all sorts of goodness. I have a fic to be writing myself or I'd be playing along.
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So, with all the HP talk going on, obviously, and having just read through Reparo after [personal profile] were_duck (nor sasha_feather fail me) mentioned listening to the podfic, and having mentioned on Google+ that I am desperately missing IRL queerness...I came to a quandary.

Are there any Harry-era/later HP fics out there that examine or worldbuild a wizarding queer community? Especially for women and trans* people?

I will freely admit that I haven't gone looking yet and that I've sort of been spoiled by the interest in cultural study that is present in Star Trek fandom, I think. But HP is so big, I figured it MUST have come up at some point, and if not...

Consider this a dare.
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A couple of squee-harshingish thoughts, so they are cut, because I honestly don't want to hurt no one. If you want to know what they are generally about before clicking: Harry Potter, SDCC and Twitter, Old Spice Guy/British comedy.
Hm. )
Oh, and Matthew wants to say 'hello' to all of you. So he has done that.
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I need to be very careful, because I am suddenly and quickly approaching that mood where I want to say bugger alle this and throw in the towel on any- and every- thing fandom. Or anything else, too.

Irrationally angry and I don't know why.
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I...am low on spoons. I think it is seriously a combo of the stress of a new job, along with hormones and neurochemicals going off just in general. I've been melancholy and not-quite-weepy and meh.

I care. I'm caring too much. And so I have to disengage for a bit. I'm sorry.

In light of that, I offer a shirtless David Tennant wearing eyeliner for Fright Night. Sadly, it is an animated GIF, but still. (via [livejournal.com profile] knitmeapony)

zomg. )
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For starters, anyone who was fond of early Merlin or is currently fond of Merlin, or hell, likes Janelle Monáe, I'd love more feedback on Cold War.

Secondly, a combination of RP, the title of next week's Doctor Who, watching some Three and Five serials, and this video (music NSFW) wherein Old Skool Doctor Shoots Things...makes me really want to write meta about how the Doctor is not really a good person and that is okay. He wants to be a good person. But he's not.

Sadly, this is something that New Who has often glossed over, and a fallacy into which I have fallen myself.

Point the third: work is going okay. It's stuff I'm capable of doing and the people are nice, I just need to adjust to the energy drain that comes from an 8.5 hour day.

four, not about Doctor Who but about fandom...vaguely squeeharshing. )

Five: Anyone who follows Homestuck will know why I am using this (Dreamwidth) icon. sigh.
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Right, I haven't gotten around to subtitling and uploading 'Cold War' yet. Thus the Big Vid Post will have to wait. In the meantime, two really random recs!

Little House After the End by [livejournal.com profile] fera_festiva. (Little House on the Prairie books AU with ZOMBIES, PG-13, gen)
While this does gloss over some of the problematic stuff in the series, it's so utterly pitch perfect and cleverly written that it deserves a read. Or two reads. It's...almost feasible and starkly reminiscent of RDR: Undead Nightmare, if that story were about regular people.

Be My Voice in This World by [livejournal.com profile] luchia13. (BBC Sherlock/Tortall crossover, PG-15, various pairings)
Lu somewhat magically makes the Sherlock narrative fit into the Tortallian one. Complete with meddling deities--no Tortall story works without it!
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(okay, not that old, I know, I know.)

[personal profile] lizbee's post reminded me that in a matter of days I will have had my LiveJournal for ten years. A decade.

To this, all I can say, really, is DANG.*

* If you follow me on Twitter, you will know about the history of 'dang'.
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I await my part of fandom jumping all over this stuff, and as I said--really good plotarc fodder with strong implications.

Spoilers. )
All in all, very sweet but not saccharine.

ETA: Also, spoiler. )

ETA again because I forgot due to a throwaway line, until [personal profile] tellitslant RTed Roz Kaveney: everything after the first minute of this ep is a spoiler. )
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Right. So, my MP is usually a bit of an arse, he's New Labour and currently yammering all the time on Twitter about how AV is the spawn of the devil. I follow him to keep an eye on him, even though I can't vote.

But he does occasionally have interesting insight about non-political things. Like Doctor Who. And this blew my mind with the simplicity of it...spoilers sweetie, you know the drill. )
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First off, happy birthday, Dreamwidth! And a happy May Day to everyone.

Right, so as a massive cultural studies geek...lots of you wanted me to write about fandom and cultural studies. So I am writing about that, because I can't think of anything to write about British/US American cultural differences that wouldn't sound trite at the moment.

Please note: the below is my interpretation of cultural studies and is not by any means definitive. It's a combination of how I learned the field and my own interpretations since. (Your mileage may vary. This is actually quite fitting, as you will see in a couple of paragraphs.)

First, a bit of background: Cultural studies is a bit of a newcomer to academics, and as such is often slagged off as being not academic enough...as most things that don't fall into the historically traditional (read: white Western) subject matter are.

This is because it studies everything within a culture as artefacts or texts of that culture, including popular culture and things that are not privileged with status therein, or things not imbued with value by the hegemony. Also, cultural studies takes as a credo the postmodern idea that everything is interpretable, and that there is no absolute truth or true narrative. You can take that as 'everything is true in some way' or 'nothing is true at all'; personally I lean towards the former. One doesn't want to dismiss any point of view out of hand, though the dominant and hegemonic point of view is considered only at the side because it's already been focused on in that 'historically traditional' narrative. Not entirely dismissed, because it's true, but only to the people who are enfranchised. If you catch my drift.

Cultural studies is about what communities of people do and why they do it, and what that means in the bigger picture of the world.

So, because it's not particularly quantifiable, because it focuses on the agency and history of people outside the hegemony, and because it asserts things like authorial intent alongside reader interpretation, cultural studies gets kicked quite a bit by the traditional academic. But it does police itself, to a certain extent--I can't just claim that Barney the purple dinosaur is an example of the dominant US narrative of giving respect only to those who meet your value system. If I were writing about it in an academic paper, I would need to back that up.

It's not perfect, by any means (for a start, it's still looking at things from Western theory), but deconstructing that isn't really part of the scope of this project.

There are lots of different ways to do cultural studies, and I generally go at it from a feminist/queer/restoring agency perspective, with as little Marxism as possible except when it comes to disenfranchisement, because I find it to be oversimplification. Semiotics comes into play a bit, because I was taught Dick Hebdige when I was impressionable, and because subcultures are cool. Like Stetsons and fezzes.

So, essentially, what I do/have done in academic projects is look at fandom groups--most particularly, online transformative works fandom and SJ fandom, so when I say 'fandom' from hereon out, assume that's what I mean--as communities or subcultures of their own accord, because they fulfil1 the specifications of subcultures. They have texts and language and are reactive to the existing cultures from which the canons originate without being entirely apart.

And fandom, frankly, is the oppressed (or the subaltern, though I hesitate to use that word because for some it is a specific referent--see Spivak) when it comes to reacting to texts/canon. Fic and vids and meta examining social justice issues are all devalued both by the dominant culture and even within fandom itself, which is a whole other kettle of fish.

So that is WHY I look at it from a cultural studies perspective, because for me it provides the best possible academic framework for discussing this, where everything can be read and accepted as a text, while holding the creators of the texts accountable, and because I want to understand...or try to understand...why we do what we do and how that helps us process our understanding of bigger cultures.

Questions are entirely welcome, by the way.

Later, or tomorrow, or whenever I get around to writing it: fandom, culture, and the devaluing of fanworks/transformative works.

1 Actually, this would be a good starting place for a post on 'why the hell does fulfil only have two Ls in BritE'. Other words that have come up in writing this post--artefact and me refusing to put a dash in postmodern.