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Rhi. ([personal profile] rhivolution) wrote2012-02-04 09:13 pm
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VID: Worlds Apart (Stargate [film], Jack/Daniel/Sha'uri-ish)

Mah Festivid, let me show you it. Meta is forthcoming on this one. A lot of meta. This vid did not come easy.

Title: Worlds Apart
Vidder: Rhi ([personal profile] rhivolution/[livejournal.com profile] rhipowered)
Fandom: Stargate (1994 film)
Music: Bruce Springsteen (with vocal guests Asif Ali Khan and Group), "Worlds Apart"
Warnings: science-fiction violence/warfare
Length: 4:16
Summary: The Stargate: building bridges or burning them?
Notes: Made in Final Cut Essentials with the help of VisualHub, for [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams in Festivids 2011. Beta by [personal profile] sqbr. English subtitles will be available later, watch this space!

Source Material: Stargate (1994), directed by Roland Emmerich. "Worlds Apart" (2002), written by Bruce Springsteen, performed by Bruce Springsteen with vocal guests Asif Ali Khan and Group.
Disclaimer: This is a transformative work intended as commentary on the source materials and is not for profit.

Download: Mediafire (MP4, 22.29 mb) | AVI by request | subtitles forthcoming

Streaming Without Subtitles:

Worlds Apart from Rhi on Vimeo.

Password: rhicake

Streaming With English Subtitles: forthcoming

I hold you in my arms, yeah that's when it starts
I seek faith in your kiss and comfort in your heart
I taste the seed upon your lips, lay my tongue upon your scars
But when I look into your eyes we stand worlds apart

Where the distant oceans sing and rise to the plain
In this dry and troubled country your beauty remains
Down from the mountain road where the highway rolls to dark
Neath Allah's blessed rain we remain worlds apart

Sometimes the truth just ain't enough
Or is it too much in times like this
Let's throw the truth away we'll find it in this kiss
In your skin upon my skin in the beating of our hearts
May the living let us in before the dead tear us apart

We'll let blood build a bridge over mountains draped in stars
I'll meet you on the ridge between these worlds apart
We've got this moment now to live then it's all just dust and dark
Let's let love give what it gives
Let's let love give what it gives

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