Feb. 6th, 2015


Feb. 6th, 2015 10:24 pm
rhivolution: Uhura from Star Trek TOS, leaning over and laughing (oh hell yes: Uhura (TOS))
So I am behind due to a combination of being away at the weekend, technical failure, and brainweasels, but I got not one but TWO lovely F/F slashy vids in this year's Festivids.

This is the third(?) year that I've had multiple gifts--someday I have got to get my act together and pay it forward with doing a treat or two, gdi, but I always end up barely having time for my own assignment (see: brainweasels).

Finding My Voice (Bend It Like Beckham)
Watching this, I find it's possible that I love Bend It even more now that I've had a dozen years' distance and a huge chunk of sociocultural immersion for it to grow on me. Jess and Jules touch my heart, as both a protoqueer in the day and now, always, and Glasgae's ain Emeli Sandé makes for a beautiful accompaniment that fits perfectly with the canon.

bosom friend (Anne of Green Gables series by Sullivan Entertainment)
A look at the beautiful, somewhat otherworldly friendship/love Diana and Anne have. I'm probably the only person I know who hadn't listened to FKA Twigs until now, and the song really works. I picked up the Anne books again on my ereader (many of them are public domain), and the phrase 'a bit queer' keeps coming back to me. This vid is a bit queer...in the best ways.

If you haven't checked these or the other Festivids out, I highly recommend having a nosy. (For the Anne of Green Gables one, if you've read AoGG and Anne of Avonlea, you don't need to have seen the Sullivan Entertainment minis to get the gist!) I need to get deep into the Festivids submissions and comment this weekend, please forgive me fellow vidders.

Oh, and if you guess my vid, you'll get a wee treat (if you want)--just drop me a DM. Very broad hint: the music is NOT Fleetwood Mac or any member's solo work, so neener.