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merry ain't in my vocabulary - a Dear Festividder letter

Dearest Festividder,
Hi! I'm Rhi, I'm a thirty-something white geek of complex gender who is loud on the internet sometimes. I'm an immigrant from the US now living in Scotland, which is not as sexy as it sounds. Trust me.

I don't vid a ton regularly, but have a background in media studies and production, so try to do Yuletide every year. The world needs more small fandom vids, and it is our mission, friend, to serve them forth like [insert festive treats of your personal experience here], etc.

okay it's 10 pm on Halloween and I'm getting silly here, sorry.

In terms of overall preferences, I've got a few things I like better than others:
- Music: While I do like a bunch of esoteric types of music, overall I have the taste of a white US American baby boomer crossed with a late 90s queer. For more info on what I've liked in the past (though I haven't synced it in ages), my last.fm is in my Dreamwidth profile. To sum up, Fleetwood Mac is the best band ever and if you are inclined to use something of theirs or a member's solo work, I will be incredibly pleased. Springsteen is a good second place, though.
- Vidding Style: I'm pretty conservative with how I edit, myself--I personally prefer standard jump or fade cuts and white on black titles, with limited filtering--but if you can pull off something avant garde, feel free to try it. I am not overly fussed about talkyface, so don't worry about it all that much. What I love in fanworks in general is heart. If it gives me feels or makes me laugh, it doesn't have to be full of razzle-dazzle.

Insert a mental gif from Chicago here.

Daria [TV]
I sorta ship Daria/Jane, so that would definitely not go amiss here. Otherwise, what I'd love is a vid about how Daria is, for some of us, the Platonic ideal of the cynic's high school experience in the gasping bleeding end of the 20th century.
I am not entirely sure what kind of drugs I was on when I wrote the above (Platonic ideal? I swear to god that the pretentiousness is all done out of irony), but generally it's right. Slashiness or how Daria's life is pretty much my high school experience seen through a filter.
Obviously you could go with period music for this, though maybe some kind of juxtaposition would work too?

The Golden Compass [Movie]
Lots of planets have a north. It might be cool to explore Lyra's with a wintery track (Tori Amos? Vienna Teng? the choice is yours).
I meant these tracks, but this isn't hard and fast by any means!

Janelle Monae videos [Music Video]
I'd go with a JM track that's not from one of the videos themselves, perhaps?
If you could bring parts of these together to show the bigger Cindi narrative (though obvs it's not done yet!), I think that'd be amazing. Otherwise, fire at will.

"Many Moons" is my favourite of the Cindi Mayweather videos, if you're looking to focus on one in particular--but feel free to basically do whatever you want, though I'd prefer a Janelle MonĂ¡e track please.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World [Movie]
All I'm gonna say is Aubrey/Maturin: Their Love Is So Seaworthy, and let you have at it.
I'm still shippy for the Crowe/Bettany versions of Aubrey and Maturin, over a decade down the line (must. find. my copy. now.). The music from the end of the film, Boccherini's "La Musica Notturna...", could be a good choice to bring it all together, though god, not the whole thing as the track is like nine and a half minutes long.
Incidentally, the bits where they're playing duets together are amazing and I'd love those incorporated even if you don't decide on a classical track.

The Maxx (1995) [TV]
I'd say 90s alternative rock, but if the shoe doesn't fit, fear not.
I'd pretty much go for anything here, though as time goes by, I find I identify a lot more with Sara's narrative than with Julie and Maxx.
That said, if you're up for a big challenge, you could take a look at the canon's mid-90s feminism through the lens of where we're at 20 years on...and criticism is definitely welcome. (Paglia?! Seriously!?)

Fortunately I didn't agree with Paglia even when I read her back then...ANYWAY. Now that I think about this, I'd love a look at the Leopard Queen or at Sara, or at Julie fighting the fuck back, or anything. I would love a vid for this fandom, end of.

The Supersizers Go... [TV]
For some reason, my brain says Janet Jackson & Carly Simon's "Son of a Gun" would be cute (because I love to loathe Giles Coren's attitude problem and adore Sue to bits), but I will take anything I can get. Lots of food, lots of lols, please.
I'm a slightly less gay Sue Perkins myself, but should you be inclined to make this vid, please feel free. The Janet track is great for a Damn You Giles vid, true. OR YOU COULD JUST MAKE ANY AWESOME VID. I am not fussy here.

Terminator Movies [Movie]
I'd love more vids in this world looking at Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor from T1 and T2, please.
I remember someone did a fantastic Sarah vid to Santigold's "L.E.S. Artistes" a couple years ago, and while I'm not saying MAKE THAT VID AGAIN, I do think the world needs more amazing Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor vids. Also, for me there are no more films after T2, so stick to Sarah, please?

Time Trax (1993) [TV]
My memories of this show (I was ten!) are of Lambert representing hopeful bright future and brave heroics. It'd be cool to turn that on its head a little bit.
I don't even know if you can make this show a bit darker--in my mind it's always linked to sunshine and cops not being terrible and our future being so bright, but again, I was young and not quite awake. I want to see it in a more nuanced way, I think is what I meant above.

I am sure you will make a fantastic vid, and I am so very thankful in advance! If you have any questions or need something clarified, please feel free to drop me an anon comment.

xx Rhi

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