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If you were wondering: I did finish my Festivid on time. I actually quite like the finished product, and can't wait for you all to see it.

Think I may be experiencing Twitter social justice burnout. processing behind the cut )

And I'm tired.
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- anxiety. anxiety. anxiety. cut for potential triggers? )

- Potentially linked, I had dysphoria yesterday. It had been a while. Not fun.

- Things I am (perhaps irrationally) afraid of doing: alienating people on Twitter. not finishing my Festivid on time. sucking at my job. spending money. being upset about how I look.

- I am frustrated with myself for being too anxious to use Tumblr for anything but RP, because it seems nearly everyone I know is bloody on there and I should be if I want to keep up with them. But I really, really cannot use Tumblr for fandom and/or social justice. Cannot.

- Speaking of my Festivid, I'm massively irritated with the fact that all my old video converters no longer seem to work with Mountain Lion and upwards, except for MPEG Streamclip. Any advice? I'm playing the render-as-I-go game because of it, and I don't really have time to figure out what to do in this case, but going forward it'd be useful.

- On that same note: Mavericks upgrade, y/n?

- Welcome to Night Vale makes me happy. I still have headcanons for you, one of these days.

- I'm not doing a What I Read/Watched sticky this year because it is too damn guilt-inducing for me at the end of the year. If you're really curious, I'll still be updating my GoodReads periodically.

- I am doing better in life than this post makes out, I just am having an anxious. I swear.

Questions? Comments? I like comments.
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I don't really know the situation, but I really don't get the whole srs bsns reaction to the Hugos this year? I didn't think the general White Old School Winning sitch was any bigger a deal this year than it is ANY year, but apparently the ante, she has been upped.

And so I am trying to figure out what is going on before I make any judgements (I do have an initial response, but I don't know if it's accurate), but I can't FIND anything save some arguing on Twitter.

If anyone has the spoons to update me or point me in the right direction, do let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Regarding the Smith!fail I posted about last night, there is now a petition circling.

Still planning on writing a letter to tptb though, once my migraine stops and I get this covering letter done.
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Just a heads up: this response post to the _dahne_ wanker fandom issue by [personal profile] sohotrightnow really moved me. It goes beyond fandom and into the big picture of micro/macroaggressions, and why reacting to microaggressions is important...yet Jules retains hope.

I don't want it to pass outside the radar.

You should read it. (Possible triggers could apply.)
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So for a while I had a different persona when I did social justice stuff, because this was somewhat pre-Dreamwidth and I didn't really know how to integrate that into my LJ, etc.

And I made some nifty friends there, but as I've integrated SJ into fandomness and RLness, I sort of stopped using that name and fell into lurking (partially due to time constraints with grad school, partially to do with a lack of spoons). And now I run into people I know from there all the time and I want to be like O HAI, YOU ARE ACE, but it doesn't work that way. Especially since I sort of disappeared.


So I guess my question is...how do I come out? Do I come out at all?
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...I cannot believe this. Seriously. Someone wrote Inception kink fic about Arthur being in a Nazi concentration camp, and when ze received flack, basically said 'bring it on'.

I got nothin. First of all, someone made the prompt, and it's detailed in a way that sickens me; secondly, someone ran with the prompt and was an utter wankbucket when confronted with the fail.

Both of those people need a priority check. And a reality check. I'm all for kink,* but if yours fucking embraces genocide without any analysis or real-world comprehension, we need to have WORDS.

And, if possible, it feels even more egregious when it's for the sake of Two White Guys Fucking.

(via a post by [personal profile] zvi, who links to it. She also links to a good post by willow that really sums up everything else that needs to be said.)

* Actually, that's a lie. Like most people, I am occasionally judgy and keep a list of stuff that is just fine as long as it ain't happening to me.