rhivolution: Mulder's I Want To Believe poster from X-Files, with a TARDIS in place of the spaceship (I want to believe: X-Files/TARDIS)
Augh, been ages since I posted here, like a dumbass. Things are fine. Work is busy like nothing else due to huge project looming, relationship is good, the weather is classic Scotland (read: lousy), I'm RPing a bit more and it's a lot of fun.

In the fandom sense...GRAVITY FALLS? Probably the cleverest, darkest 'kids show' I've seen in a while, and that includes DW. Like, early Community levels of clever, this.

I will say it's not without problematic aspects, mind, it being made in the US right now, but I, well, I never thought I would love a Disney show. Seriously. My only other complaint is that there's not a ton of good fic on AO3.

...by the way all of you who are into Night Vale might get a kick out of it. hint. hint. I am starting to listen to WtNV and am liking it so far, enough to keep listening, anyway. It sort of reminds me of my fondness for Prairie Home Companion in my youth, except more fucked up and less Lutheran.

How are you? What should I be paying attention to? Why did I start to tag this post with Tumblr RP tags?