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Additionally: I want all kinds of fic about Tamika Flynn, and; this episode should come with a trigger warning on it as there's some stuff at the end that could be an issue. Unfortunately saying what the trigger is gives the whole damn thing away, so...if you think you might have an issue, click through to my spoilers to get the jist.

- We saw The Lego Movie and it is highly worth seeing. Not without problematic bits, but overall enjoyable and much more clever than anyone would have anticipated from the trailers or the concept (so glad films can still surprise me like that). Also lots of very amusing stuff if you're into DC Comics...ahem.

- Matt and I have booked a place to stay in Madison for the Thursday and Friday nights of Wiscon, so. That is happening. We'll likely be doing some visiting on Thursday in the Madison area but con stuff Friday? If I can figure something out for Matt to do?

- Work stuff omg (business business numbers). Follow me on my IRL Twitter for ADVENTURES, that's all I'm gonna say.

- Am I the only one not getting notifs for the first comments people leave on a Dreamwidth post? This is getting old.
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Finally saw Avengers, nine months after everyone else.

Like, that wasn't bad? But it wasn't great either? idek. As with Inception, I'm sort of not understanding some of the shipping that dominates fandom, the film was a good twenty minutes too long, and someone needs to hit Joss Whedon with the 'not as clever as you think you are' stick.

But overall it was OKAY and now I can go see Iron Man 3 without feeling too left out.*

Except that I can't be arsed to see IM2. Oops.

* I am not actually dubious about Shane Black as we love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in this household and will not hear much said against it.
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I do not really have braining for RP tags as I've just got home from a sixteen hour day including dinner and a movie. Apologies.

But! Can we talk about The Muppets and how the film, aside from its fandom continuity, high-level moral, and teh lolz, has a lot to say about celebrity and collaborative performance group dynamic?

Along with doing amazing stuff with parody and pastiche, for that matter.

Yes, I am late to the party, it literally just came out here, okay? Screw you Disney.*

* If Brave--the only decent trailer tonight, by the way--is released ten weeks late in Scotland, where it is fucking SET, someone is going to hear from me.
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I have far more opinions, some of which are unpopular, than I anticipated.

- WHAT is the big hard-on for Tom Hardy? He has not been hot since he was Shinzon, in my mind, and yeah. I have never been one to give much of a shit about the 'bad boy/girl' or find it attractive--it strikes me as actually less so.

- The REMAKE ALL THE THINGS/TURN ALL THE THINGS INTO MOVIES trend may have actually reached its nadir with Footloose. Like, how does this even work? Also, I may have had Footloose confused in my head with Flashdance. No shame.

- Speaking of TURN ALL THE THINGS, I'm not super interested in The Avengers. Like, I would watch a film solely about Nick Fury, as I was discussing with several people on Tumblr. We've seen films about everyone else important, what's the point of Their Powers Combined?

- Woody Allen has made Owen Wilson into the Woody Allen character in Midnight in Paris. Great performance it may be, but it creeps me out even in the previews. Actually, nearly everything Woody Allen has made since the 70s creeps me out, and I liked Mighty Aphrodite. I think it's because Woody Allen has never really moved on FROM the 70s, truth be told.

- Three Musketeers looks like pure crap (vaguely steampunk? Paul WS Anderson? hell), but it has Matthew Macfadyen running around in it with a sword, with Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich as delightful side dishes, and if I had anyone to go with, I would be THERE. You may have realised by now that I would pay to see Macfadyen reading the Slough phone directory on-stage, much less a costumed crackfest. NO SHAME.

- I've got an invite to the Scottish premiere of We Need To Talk About Kevin, which is more of a big deal than it sounds due to director Lynne Ramsay being a Glasgow native, and there's a Q&A with her as part of it. I just don't know if I can bear the film due to the subject matter. I like films about painful issues as long as they're painful issues that could never be a problem for me.

- In Time might be Logan's Run remade for our times, but I am missing SF films in my life and would like one please. Inception made me realise how rarely we get a thoughtful non-series SF film, and while I don't expect anything of that calibre, I do want more SF.

And snippets:

- Contagion...looks really pretty, but it hits my OCD triggers a bit, and also I don't know if I can be bothered.

- What the fuck is Real Steel and who came up with that ridiculous title? I think I could take it more seriously as a boxing film or as an SF film or as a Hugh Jackman Beats Shit film if it didn't have a stupid title.

- Tintin: Oh Steven Spielberg, didn't Robert Zemeckis tell you how no one really likes performance capture (or, as we say in this flat, augh uncanny valley)? And how Jamie Bell is way too old for this role? Admittedly, I am a Thomas Sangster fan and have been since HN/FoB, but still.

- The Ides of March: yes please, if I can be arsed to go to a political thriller ever again.
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Between Lis Sladen's death and watching Marwencol for the first time...I'm pretty broken. Leaving the net be for the rest of the night.
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Happy new year from the UK! I hope 2011 will be a good year or a better year for you and your friends/family. Remember, we're living in the future. (h/t someone on Twitter, was it you?)

We stayed in and watched the original True Grit, and I've done a bit of RP tagging, which is really all I need for a decent night--NYE/Hogmanay in Scotland is a massive pile of things I don't really like (e.g. drunk people, loud noise, crowds, loud drunk crowds). To be perfectly honest, it was pretty good.

I await what the Coens have done to rework True Grit, because I think the film as is could have used their firm hand to rein it in. No, it hasn't come out here yet. Hell, The King's Speech hasn't come out here yet. [shakes head]

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