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If you were wondering: I did finish my Festivid on time. I actually quite like the finished product, and can't wait for you all to see it.

Think I may be experiencing Twitter social justice burnout. processing behind the cut )

And I'm tired.
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- anxiety. anxiety. anxiety. cut for potential triggers? )

- Potentially linked, I had dysphoria yesterday. It had been a while. Not fun.

- Things I am (perhaps irrationally) afraid of doing: alienating people on Twitter. not finishing my Festivid on time. sucking at my job. spending money. being upset about how I look.

- I am frustrated with myself for being too anxious to use Tumblr for anything but RP, because it seems nearly everyone I know is bloody on there and I should be if I want to keep up with them. But I really, really cannot use Tumblr for fandom and/or social justice. Cannot.

- Speaking of my Festivid, I'm massively irritated with the fact that all my old video converters no longer seem to work with Mountain Lion and upwards, except for MPEG Streamclip. Any advice? I'm playing the render-as-I-go game because of it, and I don't really have time to figure out what to do in this case, but going forward it'd be useful.

- On that same note: Mavericks upgrade, y/n?

- Welcome to Night Vale makes me happy. I still have headcanons for you, one of these days.

- I'm not doing a What I Read/Watched sticky this year because it is too damn guilt-inducing for me at the end of the year. If you're really curious, I'll still be updating my GoodReads periodically.

- I am doing better in life than this post makes out, I just am having an anxious. I swear.

Questions? Comments? I like comments.

gdi brain

Dec. 16th, 2013 12:11 am
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Um, because I have had all the December things on my mind plus RP plot of doom plus being sick with the flu lately...I completely forgot who I asked for posts in the December posty thing.

So likely you have posted about something I asked for and I have not commented. and dear god, I don't want you to think I've forgotten entirely and am not interested. I just have been falling down massively on reading the follow circle of late and now it's gone too far past my flicking backwards in entries.

If I've failed, could you please shout in comments?
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Delightfully and a touch maudlin-reflective today, as I stare at 30 and 30 stares back at me. I need to remind myself that I have done things and I am good and Julia Child didn't even know how to cook until she was 40.

just in case this might bother people. )

There are things I want to do at thirty, though--blog a lot more, read a lot more, write a lot more, vid a lot more. I NEED ACCOUNTABILITY. I need to figure out how to sort this--suggestions welcome.

- If you follow me on Twitter, I've posted quotes and music videos from the #1s of the day, like the true recent history geek that I am.
- Shout if you have a 3DS and would like to be friends omg. matt got me pokemonz let me show you them...once I have actually started playing.
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FYI: Updated my Festivids letter, if you're interested (or are my vidder wondering when the hell I'll get off my ass and update!).

As for my assignment...I knew what I was going to do within 30 seconds, which has me mildly alarmed. Hmm.

Work has been hardcore of late, so please forgive the delay and radio silence. Good job, brain.

Eventually: posting about Night Vale headcanons, if anyone cares! Do you care? Let me know!
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Augh, been ages since I posted here, like a dumbass. Things are fine. Work is busy like nothing else due to huge project looming, relationship is good, the weather is classic Scotland (read: lousy), I'm RPing a bit more and it's a lot of fun.

In the fandom sense...GRAVITY FALLS? Probably the cleverest, darkest 'kids show' I've seen in a while, and that includes DW. Like, early Community levels of clever, this.

I will say it's not without problematic aspects, mind, it being made in the US right now, but I, well, I never thought I would love a Disney show. Seriously. My only other complaint is that there's not a ton of good fic on AO3.

...by the way all of you who are into Night Vale might get a kick out of it. hint. hint. I am starting to listen to WtNV and am liking it so far, enough to keep listening, anyway. It sort of reminds me of my fondness for Prairie Home Companion in my youth, except more fucked up and less Lutheran.

How are you? What should I be paying attention to? Why did I start to tag this post with Tumblr RP tags?
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Back. Jet lag hangovers are suck.

On the theme of brokeness, our oven heating element has died mysteriously while we were away. So has my old phone. I'm hoping that those two things and my old laptop means the broken stuff's come in threes and we're done with that for now.


I'm now waiting for the pizza I've ordered due to the oven to turn up. Please turn up, pizza.
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Just as I get a new computer, my old one has a hard drive failure.

Lost some of my stuff. Paid $250 to get what I did, but...there wasn't much else for it. Sigh.
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Have seriously cannot cope anxiety brain this evening thanks to coming down from serious work stress and the fact that the moths are back in the flat gdi.

I'd say 'help' but I'm not sure what would help.

Also, this may be because I follow Merritt Kopas on Twitter and see all the stuff she RTs, but I almost wanna make a Twine game. Maybe about being an expaimmigrant? How I seem to permanently dwell in liminal spaces? idek. It seems a bit self-indulgent if I talk about it out loud.
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This lede's probably gonna get buried amongst all the whinging and hand-wringing about another conservative Catholic having a hate-on for queer people, but yeah, uh, about Pope Francis' potential complicity [second link] with the Argentinian junta? (And, for that matter, several Argentinians involved in social justice speaking out about the Catholic church in Argentina during that period?)

I'd be concerned. That's all.
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In a (likely futile) attempt to use up my carryover annual leave* I've taken today and tomorrow off work. Today I've managed to go to the gym AND clean the fridge.

They don't really tell you that cleaning the fridge is hard, or maybe that's just me and OCD talking.

In further home maintenance/DIYness...what the hell does one do about loud pipes? Our toilet's been losing it, but usually only at night, for the last week or two--possibly air in the pipes. The sound is like a loud ongoing blatt, eases up when you turn on the sink, and all the recommendations I see online have said that the solution is to just turn on all the faucets in the flat and wait for it to stop. Thing is, it DOES stop pretty much straightaway after another faucet turns on.

I'm just faintly terrified that something's going to break under the strain and then we will be ridiculously screwed. Anyone have any ideas?

(Also: we've been watching Daria as it's now all on Netflix UK except for the two movies. so much win, though the fandom has me terrified and sticking to AO3 for fic, mostly. I really wish we'd had cable when I was of that age, it might have kept me from doing some stupid shit.)

* I don't know what to do with five weeks paid vacation, even if I'm entitled to it. DAMN IT AMERICA. Unfortunately, that then becomes MORE vacation the next year, gdi.
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Irritated because reading Yuletide recs (there've been a couple of standouts) and stuff from former fandoms of mine (POTC OT3) make me wish I'd written something awesome. Except I've had good reasons not to.


In happier news:
- Holidays were okay save for train journey back and the fact that I was incubating a cold.
- The cold has now turned into sinusitis, which leads to headaches I can't budge without ibuprofen (oddly), but I'm not supposed to take ibuprofen due to bad reactions with SSRIs.
- My visa app is now sitting with the HO and has been for two weeks or so. They've taken my money and I've got a letter confirming they're reviewing the app, so the latter means I can keep my job, thank god.
- The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures this year are quite good again, for those with iPlayer access.
- augh crap must get festivid done
- Among other nifty Crimbo swag--Matt got me the last Manhunter book. Huzzah for complete collections!

On the second point as a PSA (I know many of you take SSRIs or know someone who does)--I've been on Prozac for over half my life and had never been previously told that apparently you increase your risk of GI bleed and stomach ulcers by a very large amount if you are on an SSRI while taking an NSAID (e.g. ibuprofen, naproxen).

There's a bunch of literature to support this from over the last decade or so, not just one study, so please keep this in mind going forward; personally, I would run the risk for one-offs, but I think it'd probably be a bad plan to regularly take NSAIDs otherwise.
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I passed the Life in the UK Test. So, one wee hurdle over. (Easy, yes--I did the test part in literally 3 minutes, with checking my work--but if I hadn't studied, I would have been fucked.)

Thanks for your support, seriously.

Now debating Springsteen ticket, because I have never seen the Boss and it's right down the street (Hampden Park) and Fleetwood Mac haven't announced any UK dates anyway. Goddamn. Running out of time to decide. HELP ME INTERNETS.
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Right. 29th birthday* resolution--to blog at least once a week at my public blog.

Not sure what about yet, suggestions are good!

* yesterday, when I started writing this post and then in-laws turned up.
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I...just realized I haven't posted here in about two weeks because I fail at remembering to post. I read my flist/circle and comment and then FORGET TO SAY STUFF ABOUT ME. Maybe this is good and selfless or maybe I'm just entirely meh. Probably more the latter.

By the way, thank you to the people who nominated me and said stuff in the latest love meme...that was terribly sweet of you and I seriously appreciated it all, ngl.

Oh, and I turn 29 in under three weeks and am seriously trying not to think about it.
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In real life/fandom life:
- I need to do some RPing once I get back to the UK (next few days) and get post-jetlag and back into the work week, but I'm feeling a little meh about it right now. Make me un-meh?

- I've have realised just how much my migraines may be stress-related--I've had to take painkillers maybe twice since going on vacation. Unfortunately, having an anxiety disorder does not make for not having a stressful life. damn.

- I'm trying to finish Flora Segunda before I leave town tomorrow (library book) but I'm having limited luck. I know if I just buckle down it'll be fine, but still. so unmotivated.

- Oh my god why can the UK not have libraries like the MCFLS?

- Seche Vite without a basecoat chips like a mofo. Does anyone have any advice? I was so chuffed to score some here because it costs close to ten quid in Britain (also got the two Hunger Games CG polishes on clearance at Ulta for $4.99 each whut).

In current events:
- The Tony Scott story has made me really sad today, and if reports of his condition are true, it hits a little too close to home. Not sure why it's made me so mopey, but still.

- I don't feel compelled to comment much on Akin because I am pretty sure we are all, regardless of political affiliation, in accord (and if we are not, then what are you doing here): what the fuck.

- I do feel compelled as a Wisconsinite to inform you that Paul Ryan is even more of a douchebag than you already think he is. No, seriously. (If you are a moderate Republican, I would ask you to reconsider your vote.) I've lived in MA under Romney and WI while Ryan's been in office, and neither of them have done anything stellar, but Ryan has been an embarrassment to the state.

And finally:
- okay I love this Kate Spencer icon I made ngl even if it doesn't match my mood. KATE SPENCER ON ARROW means I might even watch it. Cheers to [personal profile] carthaginians and [personal profile] bossymarmalade for the info. Also (and Mags is gonna kill me for saying this) Stephen Amell is a little bit eyecandy, though he doesn't look much like even New52 Ollie Queen to me.
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I keep failing at posting, seeing as I've been meaning to post this for about...I don't even know, two weeks. But!

You should go check out [community profile] help_for_ephemere.

It's brilliant people trying to help a brilliant person, and I can vouch that the people running it are above board, should you need that assurance.

Besides that, not much is ever new. Work has been okaystressful, though improving, and Britain has been well committed to getting every last drop of moisture that is not hitting most of the US and Canada at the present time. (I wish I was kidding. The weather here is like late April/early May in WI, and has been for the last several months.) Take this as due warning: these Olympics are going to be seriously sodden.

I did have a nice time showing [personal profile] djkittycat some of Glasgow in the not-summertime last week. That also reminds me to let you know that should you ever be in the vicinity, I'm happy to show you around and/or point you towards interesting things, worthy shopping, and good places to eat.

Also, nice to know that the City of Wauwatosa is on the ball with getting me my Senate primary ballot in time. Good job! Though I could take it back and deliver it in person, which I may well do to save postage. Yes, if you didn't know--Rhi in America Part 2: watch this space.
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Had colposcopy. About as fun as it sounds. I would go into the (actually sort of nifty) TMI details but I am tired and need a nap, and I have been told the cramps cometh. Bah.

ETA: Not for cancer or pre-cancerous cells, which is what comes up when I google 'colposcopy'.

Also, it's nearly the ides and I have done fuck all for TR this month. (cue Roast Beef)


Feb. 1st, 2012 11:06 pm
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Tripped OVER MY OWN SHOE today at work (these are things that happen to me in platform shoes, thanks Doc Marten), thus wrenching my shoulder nearly out of socket and twisting my ankle.

So now I can't run for the train or lift stuff or lie on my right side, which sort of screws my gym day tomorrow.

And I'm grumpy about being late to the POTF party again.

And grumpy about not getting the appeal of Tom Hardy. I may think Fassbender's a smug wank, but he's not...yeah. Maybe it's just that Chris Pine is Chris Pine, but Hardy looks like toasted crap in the This Means War promos that are everywhere.

I still say he was hottest as Shinzon and has decreased in appeal for me since.

Also, I really hate being vaguely triggered by people unknowingly RTing bullies on Twitter. Seriously.
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Back from Yorkshire. My apologies for the radio silence on all but email and Twitter, but there were issues with the wifi setup and Matt appropriated my work-issue mobile broadband dongle* for most of the time there.

Oh hell, I say that, but it was admittedly a bit of a breather from fandom and RP and SJ and whatever, but it also means I got fuck-all done on my Festivid. shiiiiiiiiit. And I have to work tomorrow. I'm hoping like hell that things will be quiet. shiiiiiiiiit.

I need to update my paid account here at Dreamwidth. Hmm.

Doctor Who was spoilers. )

I need to watch the rest of Sherlock by the end of the week so I'm ready for the new year. Now that DW Christmas is done, it's all.over.the.place. promo-wise.

Anyway, should anyone still be interested, I still have the Classic Rock Christmas mix for you.

And should anyone still be interested, I have TR reqs to make this month.

Leave a comment.

* For those who don't know, this is actually the name of the device--dongle. I am not making this up.