Feb. 4th, 2012

rhivolution: Abed from Community with his camcorder (pop culture/film = OTP: Abed Nadir)
Mah Festivid, let me show you it. Meta is forthcoming on this one. A lot of meta. This vid did not come easy.

Title: Worlds Apart
Vidder: Rhi ([personal profile] rhivolution/[livejournal.com profile] rhipowered)
Fandom: Stargate (1994 film)
Music: Bruce Springsteen (with vocal guests Asif Ali Khan and Group), "Worlds Apart"
Warnings: science-fiction violence/warfare
Length: 4:16
Summary: The Stargate: building bridges or burning them?
Notes: Made in Final Cut Essentials with the help of VisualHub, for [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams in Festivids 2011. Beta by [personal profile] sqbr. English subtitles will be available later, watch this space!
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