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Equinox/Vids in Space letter FINALLY UP jfc rhi

So sorry about getting this up for you so late--I'd actually not seen the signups for this until randomly browsing Twitter about an hour before the deadline, and then the couple of weeks after that have been a bit rough mental-healthwise.

As you may have gathered from my asks, I'm really fond of Star Trek, but a vid of any of the other canons would NOT be a disappointment at all, particularly if they're smaller fandoms in general. I also really like looks at women and marginalised people in canon who may not get quite as much attention. You can maybe get some idea for what I'm fond of from my AO3 works and bookmarks. Queerness is great, too.

I don't have any triggers that are easily avoided, they are weird and outwardly random, so please don't worry about this. I do ask that body horror/gore is kept relatively limited (though in Aliens, one of my requested fandoms, I don't mind).

Music-wise, I'm a big fan of classic rock--I basically have the taste of someone's suburban white guy dad in his 60s--but will take whatever's on offer that works for you. You're the one who's going to have to listen to it a hundred times. In a couple of places, I do have some suggestions, but they're not hard and fast.

Getting down to the specifics...
Star Trek: First Contact: I mentioned Lily Sloane in my sign-up, and I would lie/cheat/steal for a Lily vid. I remember reading the JM Dillard novelization when the film came out, and her backstory there was fantastic too...sadly, Memory Beta doesn't appear to have notes on it, which sucks. You could also do a cool vid about Lily, Cochrane, and their encounters with time travellers...I just ask that, as I've vidded FC myself (pw: rhicake), I enjoy Data's storyline but I know it really well and would love something different.

Star Trek: TOS films: As I said, 2/4/6 are my favourites, so I'd love something from those or something focused on Spock, Saavik, Valeris, Sarek, and the Vulcan portions of the films.
Or Azetbur from Undiscovered Country! Or, if you're feeling silly, something ridic 80s based on The Voyage Home would not go amiss at all. These movies are my comfort watches so honestly anything goes.

Frank Herbert's Children of Dune: Dune, my complicated problematic canon. I wouldn't be upset if you use stuff from the Dune mini alongside, but Leto and Ghanima are my absolute favourites in the wide-ranging Duneverse, hence why I chose this in particular. I ship them somewhat, but if that is not Your Thing, I completely understand.
Alternatively, a vid about the amazing Bene Gesserit throughout the series (Jessica, Alia, Irulan, Ghani herself) would be amaze. For music, Brian Tyler's score to this mini is fantastic but don't feel that you'd need to be stuck with that!

Cowboy Bebop: I used to watch AMVs of this in college with some housemates, and I always wished that there was one to 'I Fought the Law' by the Clash, as it fits so very well. I also had the third down desktop wallpaper by TJ & Amal's EK WEaver for a long time, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash's 'Southern Cross' ALSO fits this canon fantastically, so a vid for Weaver's vision of Bebop would also be amazing.

Aliens: Fun fact--I had to watch Aliens for class in college, and I was not disappointed. In my mind, the series ends there and Newt and Ripley both got away and lived and spent the rest of their lives living on the fringes fighting Weyland-Yutani's attempts to capitalise on the Alien. So basically, I'd love a vid about those two.

Multi-Fandom: I really love retrofuturism that's less focused on the 50s and more on the period from the late 60s through the late 80s, a combination of the fact that space travel was in real-life practice and the tone of darker realism throughout cinema/television in the period. As a result, I'm a big fan of Typeset in the Future, and would really like something focusing on the accoutrements of Future Space Life for films from this period--what stuff they have. Some predictions were better than others (except for Trek, everyone's stuck with cathode ray screens!), and you could take this seriously or as tongue-in-cheek as you like. Or just do ladies in space, I like that too.

Anyway, thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for me, sci-fi makes me so incredibly happy and all of these fandoms need more vidding!

xx Rhi