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Rhi. ([personal profile] rhivolution) wrote2015-02-14 12:19 am

Getting around to those letter memes...

Because I have two of them to do and I am somehow in the right frame of mind to do them, yay. I'll answer with the first thing that comes to mind and you can all see a bit of brainfart.

[personal profile] forthwritten gave me R.

Something I hate: Racism. Racial profiling. I don't feel compelled to elaborate as it's pretty clear.
Something I love: The mythos of Rhiannon, which should be pretty obvious in a different way.
Somewhere I've been: Ripon, WI. Actually, been doesn't really cut it, as it's family, so how about Rochester, NY?
Somewhere I'd like to go: Reykjavík. I'm actually quite keen on the idea of going to Iceland, as I've heard many good things.
Someone I know: The delightful [personal profile] regcommathe.
A film I like: both Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Rocketeer, which are two of those Films I Saw As A Child that hold up as an adult but in an entirely different way that might involve Jennifer Connelly oh my god, despite being problematic. Also Roxane, which I haven't watched as an adult and am sort of afraid to, now that I'm not into romantic comedy.
A book I like: I went over to my bookshelf and the only book there starting with R is Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire, which is of that rare breed of urban fantasy I don't loathe.

[personal profile] silverhare gave me L.

Something I hate: Shifting down into really basic likes/dislikes...licorice. Anything anisey is unpalatable in my book.
Something I love: My wee brother, whose first name begins with L. Even when he is a pain in the ass and even though his politics suck.
Somewhere I've been: London, though not as much or as thoroughly as I'd like. I had a wonderful day out with [personal profile] littlebutfierce there, though!
Somewhere I'd like to go: Liverpool. I'm not sure why, perhaps it is [personal profile] ladyvivien that got me thinking about it; it sure as hell wasn't the Beatles. Further afield, I'd sorta rather like to go to Lisbon.
Someone I know: So many! [livejournal.com profile] lizzybees, said brother, wee Leo (baby son of a friend) that I met on the weekend.
A film I like: Labyrinth, carrying on with Jennifer Connolly; The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter is a great hard to find documentary; Live and Let Die is fucked up in so very many ways but Yaphet Kotto and Geoffrey Holder are wonderful actors and we always seem to land on it when it's on TV.
A book I like: Ursula K LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness and Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book are on the shelves. I like them in remarkably different ways.

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