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Rhi. ([personal profile] rhivolution) wrote2014-03-15 10:47 pm

yet again things make a post

- HOLY SHIT THE NEW NIGHT VALE I CANNOT EVEN, WEEPING INTO MY METAPHORICAL CEREAL. I knew something had to be coming to make Cecil snap out of being just very quietly subversive, but I was expecting it to happen to Carlos, after the convo with Lauren. Not Khoshekh. gdi not the cat whyyyyyyy
I'm totally picturing Cecil all VENGEANCE IS MINE Pulp Fiction style now.

Additionally: I want all kinds of fic about Tamika Flynn, and; this episode should come with a trigger warning on it as there's some stuff at the end that could be an issue. Unfortunately saying what the trigger is gives the whole damn thing away, so...if you think you might have an issue, click through to my spoilers to get the jist.

- We saw The Lego Movie and it is highly worth seeing. Not without problematic bits, but overall enjoyable and much more clever than anyone would have anticipated from the trailers or the concept (so glad films can still surprise me like that). Also lots of very amusing stuff if you're into DC Comics...ahem.

- Matt and I have booked a place to stay in Madison for the Thursday and Friday nights of Wiscon, so. That is happening. We'll likely be doing some visiting on Thursday in the Madison area but con stuff Friday? If I can figure something out for Matt to do?

- Work stuff omg (business business numbers). Follow me on my IRL Twitter for ADVENTURES, that's all I'm gonna say.

- Am I the only one not getting notifs for the first comments people leave on a Dreamwidth post? This is getting old.
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omg wiscon yay
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Wait, you'd prefer something to happen to Carlos rather than the cat? Am I reading your words correctly?
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I think Khoshekh will be ok. <3 :)
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Here's a search result from our alt.weekly for Friday 5/23
seventy three items, of varying quality.

re Work: MLP crashes into LEGO? Sounds wild.
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Khoshekh!!!! I had to hug my kitties after listening.