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Rhi. ([personal profile] rhivolution) wrote2013-11-23 09:25 pm

saved the day

Rather liked Day of the Doctor. Not without its issues; I have come to accept it's never not going to be problematic. But as a whole: very well-constructed, some rather clever takes on Davies-era and old skool Who style, Clara being useful instead of standing around being ~special~, limited angst around Billie Piper's return. A very subtle Scotland joke in there, blink and you'll miss it. And Jemma Redgrave!

And truth is, I probably liked it so well because I remembered why I do so love Ten. I miss being Ten.

- I am okay with Gallifrey being not-dead. I've seen people unhappy with this and with the ep overall. RP-wise it's something I've grappled with, and this is a good way to resolve the issue without too much jossing.
- WAR DOCTOR. I want War Doctor and Eight series, please.
- The plot construction blew my mind a bit. I want to be able to do that.
- A fantastic Tom Baker cameo. I like the implications of it canonically.

- I'm not sure how I feel about the fangirl insert. I can't tell if Moff is being snarky or winking at us.
- HOW Gallifrey was saved...clever but a bit of an RTD deus ex machina in execution.
- I thought QE1 had a hate-on for the Doctor (e.g. The Shakespeare Code)?
- Can we make the violence of the Time War stretch out a little more? I know you guys spent all this money on effects but lord.
- Are we gonna be searching for Gallifrey all season? Because yawn.

- Nearly everyone with a speaking part is white. This was a really white episode. Like, one Gallifreyan counselor is a POC.
- Basically Blackadder!Elizabeth I; as her thread in the episode shifts into somewhat serious bsns, that DOESN'T work.
- The usual Moffat sexism (so Whedonesque!) which I am lumping together rn because deconstructing it is for a later time.

But overall, it was a damn sight better than I anticipated and a very good tribute. Worth a watch, says me.

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