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festivids letter - 22 October 2013

Hello Festividder!

Apologies for not getting this done sooner. Sometimes my brain is special, go me.

Thanks so much for making me a vid. I'm pretty much open to a lot for these canons, particularly what I've specified in the signup. But as a rule, I'm fond of: character studies, deconstruction of canon (especially through queer/race/gender/disability lenses), worldbuilding, and STUFF WHAT GIVES ME LOTS OF FEELS.

Music-wise, I'm a classic rock geek (check my last.fm in my profile if you're really invested in picking me something musically I know) but can go with basically anything as long as it's emotionally evocative and well-suited to the source and theme.

Bend it Like Beckham [Movie]
I'm a Jess/Jules shipper but would just love to see something about Jess full stop, through a queer lens maybe.

I get a lot more out of this film and fanworks now than I did when I first saw it, likely because I've got a better appreciation of the cultural context. Something working with that might be cool. I'd love to see something heavily Jess (which shouldn't be difficult); she's the main character, after all, and frankly, more awesome a person than Jules imho.

Dune/Children of Dune [TV]
I'd love to see, in no particular order: Leto and Ghanima (shippy or not, depending on your preferences--I can go either way), the Bene Gesserit women, or a deconstruction of the Orientalism that's rampant (Said would have had a field day).

So many places to go with this one. Other than saying I would vastly prefer a CoD vid, I'll let you run free, but: if you're more into id-fic, I do really love Ghanima and the Bene Gesserit; if you want to focus more politically, Frank Herbert really did need Edward Said to get in his face, man.

Gravity Falls (2012) [TV]
Mabel is my favourite but you seriously can go with basically anything about Dipper and Mabel's sibling love.

I LOVE MABEL. Please try to focus on her, but Dipper and Candy and Grenda and Wendy and maybe a bit of Sooz and Grunkle Stan can come too. I don't think there's any way to really go wrong with this, serious or moving or funny as hell.

Hannibal Lecter movies (starring Anthony Hopkins or Gaspard Ulliel) [Movie]
Music: Reworking Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' 'American Girl' might be a nifty idea, but run with whatever!
Details: I'd really prefer something Clarice-centric, possibly even SOTL-only if you can swing it!

I...uh, haven't seen the Ulliel film, and the Hannibal/Clarice dynamic is my pet interest here, so SOTL and Hannibal would be my picks.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World [Movie]
I just love this movie and cannot even bring myself to care about it being all bros. Run with it, vidder, especially with Aubrey, Maturin, Blakeney, and Pullings. The only thing I wouldn't want to see is too much around the Hollom subplot (it breaks my heart).

I heart Boccherini and all of this soundtrack, particularly all the violin/cello duets, but don't feel compelled to stick to it.

The Maxx (1995) [TV]
Music: Something 90s period would be amazing, Riot Grrl even moreso (The Gits' 'Second Skin', Bikini Kill's 'Rebel Girl', Le Tigre's 'Keep On Livin'').
Details: I'd love something analytical about Julie/the Jungle Queen or Sara. Or both.

I...if someone does The Maxx, I will just be completely verklempt. I love the cartoon and the original comic and will take basically anything. The story's about the women Maxx knows, though, so maybe try to focus on them?

Minority Report (2002) [Movie]
Agatha is my favourite, so I'd like something focused more on her and the precogs and less about Anderton's manpain. (Though you don't need to keep him out of it, mind!)

Some probably will not want to vid this bc Tom Cruise now gives many people rashes. I like the Anderton and Agatha relationship (platonic or shippy or whatever) and how we-through-Anderton begin to see Agatha and the precogs as people, so those could be good themes. It's just a fucking beautifully shot film, though now everyone shoots gritty stuff through a filter gdi.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency [TV]
Music: Something by a Setswana or other sub-Saharan artist would be awesome. Alternatively, I could totally see Jill Scott's 'Hate on Me' being an obvious but cool pick.

Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi are my pretty obvious favourites. Again, this is a beautifully shot canon, with some very awesome WOC, and a vid about them and their development and friendship would be cool.

Thanks so much again!