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you're so beautiful (a beautiful fucked up man)

Firstly! Thanks to everyone who commented on my last posts about excite news. Anxiety's prevented me from thanking individually but yes. You are lovely.

Now, for Doctor Who! The Bells of St John's--not bad. Not the bestest thing I have ever seen on TV, but then again Brand New Companion stories aren't for me, in my experience.

In pros/cons:
+ I like Clara, she is quite good.
+ Low fail content!
+ A good chunk of creepy!
+ A not wack Amy shoutout!
+/- Interesting use of Data Stuff Overlay, though I felt a little odd about it because I see it as such a Sherlock thing and therefore not really an ostensibly-kids-show thing? If that makes sense.
+/- It's not spoilery to say that Moff's Problem With Twitter makes a brief and very deliberate 'did they just say what I thought they said' appearance. (Actually, I wonder if the whole damn theme of the episode isn't sort of an extension of that Problem, but I could write meta on it and I need to do other things this evening.)
- As usual (regardless of showrunner), plot pacing and tension is an issue. You'll know what I mean when you finish the episode.

And fuuuuuck Ten is back. My guess is that Rose being there with the glasses might mean it takes place for Ten and her near the end of S2 with the universes intersection thing, timeline-wise. If Moff's writing it I'm a little more confident that it won't turn into a big spooge of angst and woe, but still.

Anyway, my real point is that this pic as released by the Beeb this morning gave me HUGE fucking RP feels. Goddamn, I miss playing him. I don't know what to do as this ramps up, I really don't. And it's stupid, because it's PRETENDY FUNTIME GAMES.

I know, I could start again whenever I want, though god, I'm having enough random anxiety hits these days to throw me into concern about my meds, much less with heavy-duty RP play outwith the lovely Ms. Spencer (thx to [personal profile] bossymarmalade for reminding me of the song in the subject line, btw). But it will never be quite the same him, even if he then becomes one of them, if that makes any sense without sounding absolutely fucking ridiculous.

If you've RPed, I trust you'll know what I mean.
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Dude, I just finished watching and as soon as I tried to log on, my wifi wasn't working. I shit you not, I was like, "MOFFAT!!"